Yarran Wines are quiet achievers, growing finer and finer quality fruit for over three decades, delivering outstanding quality and value for discerning enthusiasts in the know
The Yarran tree is best recognised by it's lustrous yellow blooms and dark fragrant wood, it is found extensively throughout the Riverina region and once grew abundantly on the vineyard from which Yarran Wines now source their fruit. Wine grapes have been grown on the Brewer family vineyard for over thirty years. Estate patriarchs Lorraine and John established their property to viticulture, after their son's keen interest in winemaking inspired enrolment at Charles Sturt University. The Brewer vineyards and winworks have since grown, from producing a single site Shiraz in 1998, to many different varietal table wines, rich fortified blends and a classic Riverina Botrytis Noble Rot.

Heathcote Wines by Yarran

Yarran Heathcote Cabernet Sauvignon 2016»
 Yarra Burn
In August 1975 David and Christine Fyffe purchased a property near Yarra Junction that has softly undulating good soil and fabulous views to Mt Donna Buang
In the spring that followed they erected makeshift houses to stay in while they planted vines on their days off from running Mayerling Cellars. Initial plantings were 2 acres each of pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon and half an acre of gewrztraminer, which was fairly quickly replanted with merlot when it lost popularity. The original name Settlement Vineyards was already registered so they settled on Yarra Burn, as the property is located half way between the two small townships of Yarra Junction and Wesburn. Part time study in viticulture and oenology at Roseworthy and Charles Sturt and help from consultants contributed to Yarra Burn's success. In late 1977 the Fyffes sold their bottleshop to build a house and an estate winery at Yarra Burn. They were encouraged and assisted by their friends at Jean Jacques by the Sea in establishing an onsite restaurant.
 Yabby Lake
Yabby Lake Vineyard was established in 1998 on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, with the long-term goal of producing benchmark wines from the Burgundian varieties Pinot Noir and Chardonnay
Yabby Lake Vineyard is owned by Robert and Mem Kirby who have been intimately involved in the Mornington Peninsula region for decades. The Kirbys are joined by two outstanding and renowned winemakers: Group Winemaker Tod Dexter and Consulting Winemaker Larry McKenna. Tod and Larry are known for their relaxed and unassuming personalities, and they apply the same approach to their winemaking: they work with the grapes to develop beautiful and distinctly superior wines that are truly expressive of Yabby Lake Vineyard. The first vintage from Yabby Lake Vineyard was produced in 2002.
 White Box
Stuart Wines’s White Box Vineyard is an exciting new venture located at Cornella in the famed Heathcote winegrowing area
Heathcote has earned a reputation as one of the most exciting wine producing regions in Australia, yielding reds of outstanding colour, varietal definition, elegance and ageing potential. Shiraz is the variety that has established the reputation of the area and makes up the majority of existing plantings. The moderate climate, dry summers and deep, red Cambrian soils of the area have proved ideal conditions for the variety. The mild climate and unique terroir produces bold, full-bodied, smooth red wines and is particularly famous for its empathy to shiraz.

Heathcote Wines by White Box

Whitebox Heathcote Shiraz 2014»

Other Wines by White Box

Whitebox Yarra Valley Chardonnay 2015»
Yarra Valley
Whitebox Yarra Valley Pinot Noir»
Yarra Valley
The story of Tyrrell's Wines is inextricably linked to the story of wine in Australia
It is a story about pioneers, men and women who transformed the Hunter Valley of NSW, planted grapes there, and looked for better ways to make wine. English immigrant Edward Tyrrell planted his first vines in the Hunter Valley in 1858 establishing Tyrrell's Wines after receiving a land grant in apparently poor pastureland in the lee of the Hunter Valley's Brokenback range.
 Two Hands
The 'two hands' are Michael Twelftree and Richard Mintz who formed the company in 1999 with the clear objective of making the best possible Shiraz
Michael came to the wine industry from a construction background having spent years attending wine tastings and collecting the wines of the world. In 1998, he established his own Australian wine export company and after three successful years of selling other people's wine, he and business partner Richard Mintz decided to start their own operation.
 Trentham Estate
The Murphy Family migrated to Australia from Ireland in 1909 and were one of the first settlers to establish vineyards at Merbein 15km west of Mildura
The Murphys eventually moved to Trentham Cliffs in 1960 and re-developed one of the local properties which was once part of a large sheep station. Jack and Moya Murphy established their farm, which included plantings such as citrus, vegetables and grapes for fortified wines, and then later re-planted to specialize in varietal grapes. The vines flourished in the rich red loam over limestone soils, nurtured by water from the Murray River. The first vintage was produced in 1984, using only 6 tonnes of grapes.
In 1997, Michel Chapoutier set off to explore the terroirs of Australia and settled on the state of Victoria, renowned for its distinct soils and astonishing diversity of microclimates
With vineyards in the Pyrenees and Heathcote, the goal is to create world class wines that speak of the individual terroirs in which they are grown.Utilising Rhone varietals, Marsanne, Viognier, Grenache and Shiraz, Mathilde wines are selected for their individual characteristics. In the cool region of the Pyrenees, the Shay’s Flat Vineyard nestles in the ranges with a northeastern aspect on mixed red soils of schists, silt, quartz and clay. Producing high quality red especially Shiraz.
 Tar Roses
Don Lewis joined Colin Preece for Mitchelton's first vintage in 1973, and assumed the winemaker's mantle in 1974 when Preece retired
After thirty years of leadership at Mitchelton and auspicious winemaking in the Spanish region of Priorat, 150 kilometres south-west of Barcelona, Don Lewis made the decision to pursue the Tar & Roses label, a collaboration with protegee Narelle King. Lewis adores the tannins, structure and distinct expressiveness of Spanish wines. Grapes are from vines grown to elite Heathcote vineyards, much of which must be hand picked, all components are treated separately during their fermentation and maturation. The larger volume of shiraz comes from richer Cambrian soils, while the smaller parcel is grown to much tougher grantic soils.

Heathcote Wines by Tar Roses

Tar Roses Heathcote Nebbiolo»
Tar Roses Heathcote Sangiovese»
Tar Roses Heathcote Shiraz 2008»
Tar Roses Shiraz Rose»
Tar Roses Tempranillo»

Other Wines by Tar Roses

Tar Roses Lewis Riesling»
Tar Roses Miro»
Priorato Spain
Tar Roses Shiraz»
 St Michaels
St Michaels

Heathcote Wines by St Michaels

St Michaels Heathcote Shiraz 2014»
Ross Shelmerdine OBE CMG (1921 – 1979) was one of the original three fathers of Victoria's Mitchelton winery, along with architect Robin Boyd and legendary winemaker Colin Preece
An innovative and visionary restaurateur, Ross saw the whole wine and tourism scene set to explode. In 1968 Ross gave his friend Colin Preece a free hand to identify the location for his great dream. In 1969, the first vines were planted on the Blackwood Park property at Mitchellstown near Nagambie, on the very site where Major Thomas Mitchell and his Australian Felix expedition had crossed the Goulburn River in 1836, opening the Victorian hinterland for pastoral settlement.

Heathcote Wines by Shelmerdine

Shelmerdine Heathcote Shiraz 2010»
Since 1851, The House of Seppelt has been at the forefront of Australian winemaking, consolidating a reputation for innovation and quality
From its beginnings in the Barossa Valley in 1851, Seppelt has pioneered vineyard plantings in regions of southern and eastern Australia. Constantly innovating, Seppelt is creating new wine styles, new packaging and new ideas that position this outstanding winery as a world leader. Seppelt's Great Western Winery is famous for The Drives (the labyrinthine catacombs of sparkling cellars) and home to the two champion Shiraz wines, St. Peters of Great Western, and the world-renowned Show Sparkling Shiraz.
From the moment they laid eyes on the land, they knew they had discovered something special
That something special was rich undulating fields in the shadows of Mt Ida at Heathcote in central Victoria. Tony and Linda Hunter's vision was to create a family run boutique vineyard where quality, passion and energy were reflected in the wine. Sanguine Estate vineyard and winery, established in 1997, is located approximately 5km along the Northern Highway from the turn off to Echuca, north of Heathcote. Embraced by children Mark and Jodi and their respective partners Melissa and Brett, the family worked weekends to establish the initial 16 acres that grew rapidly over the following years to 55 acres in 2002. The family's desire to produce great wine flows through every glass. Through natural winemaking techniques combined with small batch processing and hand plunging, the purity and integrity of the wine is enhanced.

Heathcote Wines by Sanguine

Sanguine dOrsa Shiraz»
Sanguine Inception Shiraz»
Sanguine Progeny Shiraz»
 Red Edge
Red Edge is an exclusive boutique vineyard originally planted to some of the richest Cambrian soils at Heathcote in 1971
In 1994 Judy and Peter Dredge purchased the five acre Red Edge estate. Currently planted to Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, on a ridge of Cambrian red volcanic soil, which runs parallel to the Northern Highway through Heathcote, and towards Mount Carmel. All the premium Heathcote vineyards whose wines are gaining international acclaim are planted on the same geological feature.

Heathcote Wines by Red Edge

Red Edge Degree Shiraz»
Red Edge Heathcote Shiraz»
 Paul Osicka
Paul Osicka is one of the longest established Heathcote estates, planting vines in the 1950s, when Heathcote as a winegrowing region was but a twinkle in the eyes
Grown without irrigation on sandly loam soil over quartz and red ironstone gravels, the vineyard is managed according to organic principles without the use of herbicides or insecticides. The vines are hand pruned to balance the yield and the grapes are hand picked to achieve optimum fruit quality. These factors combine to produce small intensely flavoured and coloured fruit necessary to make premium wines. The principal red wine produced is Shiraz followed by Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Heathcote Wines by Paul Osicka

Paul Osicka Cabernet Sauvignon 2006»
Paul Osicka Majors Creek Shiraz»
 Mount Langi
The vineyards of Mount Langi Ghiran are nestled between two dramatically beautiful mountain ranges on the southern edge of the Great Dividing Range in Western Victoria, 180 km west of Melbourne
Pronounced "Mount Langee Jeeran", the name is Aboriginal for "Home of the Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoo". The initial vineyards were planted by the Fratin brothers in 1963, on the site of a vineyard that had been in operation at the turn of the century. Their first plantings were Shiraz, and initially, the grapes were sold to neighbouring winemakers. The exceptionally high quality of their fruit quickly drew a strong following and encouraged the Fratins to begin making their own wine.
 Mount Camel Ridge
The key to great wines is great vineyards worked by dedicated growers
Mount Camel Ridge Estate is situated on the eastern face at the cooler, south end of the Mount Camel Range 17km north of Heathcote in Central Victoria. The objective is to produce wine of beauty and finesse that reflects the terroir, the grape variety, the vintage and the site from which they came.

Heathcote Wines by Mount Camel Ridge

Mount Camel Ridge Shiraz»
 Mount Burrumboot
Mount Burrumboot Estate was born when the wine bug bit Andrew and Cathy Branson
In 1999 they planted vines on the Home Block of the Branson family farm 'Donore', located on the slopes of Mount Burrumboot, on the Mount Camel Range above Colbinabbin. Originally the vineyard was just another diversification of an already diverse farming enterprise of cereals, prime lambs and irrigated clover hay. The first wine was made in 2001 by contract, and 2002 saw the first vintage wine made by Cathy in the machinery shed, surrounded by headers and tractors. The original primitive winemaking operation was eventually refurbished into a new 50 tonne winery in August 2002.

Heathcote Wines by Mount Burrumboot

Mount Burrumboot Heathcote Shiraz 2005»
In 1967 Melbourne entrepreneur Ross Shelmerdine commissioned wine industry stalwart Colin Preece to find the best site for premium wine grape growing anywhere in south eastern Australia
Preece chose an old grazing estate, then known as Blackwood Park, in the Nagambie district in central Victoria for its climate, soil and proximity to the waterways. The site's history stretches back to 1836, when the explorer Major Thomas Mitchell crossed the river on his 900 kilometre journey from Sydney to Melbourne, at a place called Mitchellstown. Ross Shelmerdine called his fledgling winery Mitchelton, a derivation of Mitchellstown and the vineyard's first sod was turned in 1969. Don Lewis joined Preece for the fledgling winery's first vintage in 1973, and assumed the winemaker's mantle when Preece retired in 1974. That same year, Mitchelton's winery and spectacular cellar door complex, designed by renowned Australian architect Ted Ashton and complete with 55 metre tower, was officially opened.
Lucinda Estate vineyard was established 1990 on an easterly aspect of Leongatha which allows the fruit to gain maximum benefit from the early morning sunshine
Lucinda Vineyard overlooks Knox’s Hill, a benign old volcano, grown to ancient red Ferrosols. The rich fertile volcanic soils, very fertile and high in organic matter, play an important role in the quality and characteristics of fruit. South Gippsland’s cool climate allows for a long ripening period, ideal for the development of complex and flavoursome wines. The enduring philosophy at Lucinda is that You can’t make good wine from bad grapes. It's very important when growing grapes that everything about the viticulture is spot on and reflects the soil, climate and aspect of the vineyard. But it’s the variations in seasons which bring each vintage alive with immense flavours and aromas. No two years are ever the same, Lucinda look forward to the new flavours each vintage brings.

Heathcote Wines by Lucinda

Lucinda Collaborators Heathcote Shiraz 2016»

Other Wines by Lucinda

Lucinda Collaborators Pinot Noir 2017»
Lucinda Premium Pinot Noir 2016»
Lucinda Syrah Rose 2019»
The Kennedy Vineyard is located on prime land along the east facing slope of the Mount Camel Range on Heathcote’s famed Cambrian soil
John and Patricia Kennedy spent their childhood on farms and have a genuine love for the land and the way of life. In 1981 they began wheat and sheep farming at Corop in north central Victoria. They started with basic machinery, quality soil and plenty of enthusiasm. In 1982 the Kennedys ventured into growing tomatoes. The fact that they had no experience in this form of horticulture was given only passing concern. In 2001, while still growing tomatoes and cereals, they decided to acquire land on the Mount Camel Range. This land has been prized for cereal cropping and in later years much sought after for grape production.
 Jasper Hill
The aim is to make great wine, with the preservation of nature's flavours, complexities and balance by using minimal intervention in the vineyards and in the cellar - to allow the individual vineyard's sense of place to express itself
Jasper Hill are produced entirely on the estate using organic/biodynamic principles. The estate produce their own organic compost and have never used synthetic chemicals on either the vines or the soils, since vineyards were planted in 1975. Viticultural practices are as close to nature as possible: own rooted vines (ie. not grafted on to American rootstocks to confer Phylloxera resistance), no irrigation whatsoever, minimal tillage, natural inter-row mulching leading to broad bio-diversity, in turn giving depth and intensity to our wines. Only hand pruning of the vines and hand harvesting of the fruit can allow the human connection to the living soil.
 Heathcote Winery
Heathcote Winery was one of the first commercial wineries in Heathcote
Uniquely positioned along Heathcote's main street, Heathcote Winery holds a surprise for many of its visitors. Few could ever expect to find a fully functioning winery directly behind a Cellar Door. The estate wineworks and adjacent art gallery are sited within the restored produce store built by Thomas Craven in 1854 to cater for the huge influx of gold miners seeking their fortune. Thomas Craven sold wine and spirits, and traded in gold. An entrepreneurial type, he also ran a coach service (depicted in the logo) from stables behind the Cellar Door, delivering supplies and mail around Central Victoria, hence the significance of the estate's Mail Coach range.
 Heathcote Estate
Heathcote Estate was established exclusively for the production of one wine a single vineyard Shiraz
During the 1850s, Heathcote was the scene of fevered activity as an important gold field town and today Heathcote is best known for producing another rich and prized gem, Heathcote Shiraz. The rich red Cambrian soil and dry mild climate provide the idyllic foundation for producing world class Shiraz and are indeed the reason why Heathcote is considered one of Australia's pre-eminent regions for our most noted variety.
 Hanging Rock
All his time spent working as a drink waiter and cellar manager while failing veterinary science, must have made an impression on John Ellis
Ellis graduated as Dux of his winemaking course from Roseworthy College in 1971 and began his illustrious winemaking career at Krondorf and Yalumba wineries. In 1974 John went to the Hunter Valley to become the foundation winemaker at the newly established Rosemount Estate. Within two years John had put Rosemount Estate on the map internationally and made a name for himself as one of the young Turks of the industry. The next move came in 1978 when John, with his wife Ann Tyrrell, went to Echuca on the Murray River in Victoria, to help establish the Tisdall Winery. Tisdall quickly became a high profile and successful brand in the seventies and early eighties, enjoying something of a cult following.

Heathcote Wines by Hanging Rock

Hanging Rock Heathcote Shiraz»

Other Wines by Hanging Rock

Odd One Out Cabernets 2008»
The initial excitement of three wine enthusiasts upon discovering Greenstone Vineyard remains undiminished, vindicated by the quality of wines to come off the precious site
Alberto Antonini and David Gleave have known each other since meeting in Montalcino in 1989. Both make their living from Italian wine - Alberto as a winemaker, consultant and grapegrower, David as the UK importer of some of Italy's top producers - yet they have often discussed over the years the great allure of Australia and Australian wine. The styles of wine, and the freedom to plant and develop whatever variety you believe is going to work in your piece of land, is of great appeal to them both. So when Mark Walpole took Alberto Antonini, whom he knew through their shared interest in Italian grape varieties in Australia, to visit the Greenstone site, Alberto wasted no time in ringing David in London. Alberto was struck by the quality of the soil and site. “I’m standing on a hill in Heathcote that would make a great vineyard,” he said to David. That was all it took to set the Greenstone Vineyard in motion.

Heathcote Wines by Greenstone

Greenstone Heathcote Shiraz 2013»
 Granite Hills
Granite Hills is one of Australia's highest and most picturesque vineyards – perched atop the spectacular boulder strewn hills of the Great Dividing Range at 550 meters altitude
Granite Hills lies at the northern extremity of the Macedon Ranges wine region on Burke & Wills Track – the route taken by those famous explorers on their fateful journey north to the Gulf. The Knight family pioneered winemaking in the Macedon Ranges region - and since planting Granite Hills in 1970, have amassed in excess of 400 awards at Australian and international wine shows making Granite Hills wines the region’s most acclaimed.

Heathcote Wines by Granite Hills

Knights Granite Hills Merlot»
Heathcote Macedon
Pass over the Buckland Gap, turn left at Tobacco Road, and cross over Snowy Creek to arrive at Gapsted's Victorian Alps Winery
Gapsted Wines is the premium brand from the Victorian Alps Winery. Small parcels of fruit are hand selected and crafted into these meticulous wines of distinction. The range focuses on single varietals and innovative wines, including the Gapsted Ballerina Canopy series, Gapsted Limited Release and Gapsted Valley Selection. The Victorian Alps winery was established in 1997 by six great friends who were also wine professionals. Their extensive experience in the industry and their passion for the region were central to the success of the winery over its relatively short existence. In 1999 the first wines were released under the Gapsted brand and in 2001 the stunning and award winning Cellar Door was opened.
 Galli Estate
The Galli Estate vineyard was established in 1997 by Lorenzo and his wife Pamela, it is based at Rockbank in the renowned Sunbury Wine Region of Victoria
The estate vineyard is close to the city of Melbourne, and is planted predominantly to Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, with smaller parcels of the more esoteric varietals. With it's rich, red volcanic soil, attention to detail in vine management and low yield targets, the estate is focused on producing premium quality wines. As the vines grew toward maturity over the years, the estate was able to select an increasing amount of good fruit, and to produce approximately 12,000 cases annually.

Heathcote Wines by Galli Estate

Galli Estate Heathcote Block 2 Shiraz»

Other Wines by Galli Estate

Galli Estate Pinot Grigio»
Greg and Natala Flynn knew that to make great wine you first had to produce great fruit
After searching for a year and a half,studying 45 potential vineyard sites, Greg and Natala finally settled on the best vineyard position. The Flynns Winery and Vineyard is located on a narrow strip of the ancient cambian soil that runs north of the Heathcote township, which is now so highly prized. The combination of low rainfall, soil, plentiful sunshine and climatic influences result in very low yields of very high quality fruit.

Heathcote Wines by Flynns

Flynns MC Heathcote Shiraz»
 Dominique Portet
Dominique Portet the man, the vision, the story
The Portet family lays claim to a singular accolade in the Australian wine Industry. Dominique is the ninth generation in his family to be committed to winemaking, yet he is the first to establish a winery and label bearing the family name. Since 1976 he has lived in Australia to create a family. "I'm at home here, I think my roots are here now." Although he now calls Australia home, Dominique Portet's bond with Bordeaux cannot be broken. His family has had links with the wine industry since 1780. "It is longer, but most of the records were lost during the revolution." The earliest document dated 1720, relates to the sale of Eaux de vie by Portet to the Martells.
 De Bortoli
De Bortoli is an exciting, innovative family owned wine company, having enjoyed spectacular success throughout it's entire range of wines
The winemaking team is overseen by third generation winemaker Darren De Bortoli and his brother-in-law Steve Webber who is married to Leanne De Bortoli. The dynamic duo has been responsible for many winemaking innovations and developments. Darren De Bortoli is the creator of the world acclaimed Noble One. Steve Webber, recently awarded Gourmet Traveller WINE's 2007 Winemaker of the Year, established the Yarra Valley winery, the King Valley vineyards and oversees the Hunter Valley winery and vineyards.

Heathcote Wines by De Bortoli

Vinoque Heathcote Shiraz»

Other Wines by De Bortoli

Bella Riva Pinot Grigio 2016»
King Valley
Bella Riva Sangiovese 2014»
King Valley
De Bortoli Black Noble 500ml»
De Bortoli Demi Dozen Delights»
De Bortoli Estate Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon»
Yarra Valley
De Bortoli Estate Vineyard Chardonnay»
Yarra Valley
De Bortoli Estate Vineyard Pinot Blanc»
Yarra Valley
De Bortoli Estate Vineyard Pinot Noir»
Yarra Valley
De Bortoli Estate Vineyard Shiraz»
Yarra Valley
De Bortoli King Valley Prosecco»
King Valley
De Bortoli McLaren Vale Shiraz 2006»
McLaren Vale
De Bortoli Noble One Botrytis Semillon 375ml»
De Bortoli Noble One Botrytis Semillon 750ml»
De Bortoli Old Boys 21 Year Old Port 500ml»
Rutherglen Barossa
De Bortoli PHI Chardonnay»
Yarra Valley
De Bortoli PHI Pinot Noir»
Yarra Valley
De Bortoli Section A5 Chardonnay»
Yarra Valley
De Bortoli Section A7 Riesling»
Yarra Valley
De Bortoli Section A8 Syrah»
Yarra Valley
De Bortoli Section D4 Nebbiolo»
Yarra Valley
De Bortoli Show Liqueur Muscat 500ml»
De Bortoli Villages Chardonnay»
Yarra Valley
De Bortoli Villages Pinot Noir 2016»
Yarra Valley
Deen Vat 1 Durif»
Deen Vat 2 Sauvignon Blanc 2017»
Deen Vat 4 Petit Verdot 2015»
Deen Vat 5 Botrytis Semillon 375ml 2011»
Deen Vat 6 Verdelho 2015»
Deen Vat 7 Chardonnay 2016»
Deen Vat 8 Shiraz 2006»
Deen Vat 8 Shiraz 2014»
Deen Vat 9 Cabernet Sauvignon 2015»
Divici Prosecco»
Emeri Pinot Chardonnay»
Emeri Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc»
Emeri Sparkling Pink Moscato»
Emeri Sparkling Pinot Grigio»
Emeri Sparkling Shiraz»
Jean Pierre Classique Sparkling»
Jean Pierre Sparkling Brut»
Jean Pierre Sparkling Rose»
La Boheme Act Four Syrah Gamay 2016»
Yarra Valley
La Boheme Act Three Pinot Gris 2016»
Yarra Valley
La Boheme Act Two Dry Pinot Rose 2017»
Yarra Valley
Melba Lucia Cabernet Sangiovese»
Yarra Valley
Melba Mimi Cabernet Sauvignon»
Yarra Valley
Melba Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon»
Yarra Valley
Melba Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon»
Yarra Valley
Montage Cabernet Merlot 2009»
Montage Chardonnay Semillon 2009»
Montage Semillon Sauvignon 2010»
Riverina Yarra
Riorret Abbey Vineyard Pinot Noir»
Yarra Valley
Riorret Lusatia Park Chardonnay»
Yarra Valley
Riorret Lusatia Park Pinot Noir»
Yarra Valley
Rococo Premium Cuvee»
Yarra Valley
Rococo Rose»
Yarra Valley
Sacred Hill Brut Cuvee»
Sacred Hill Cabernet Merlot 2013»
Sacred Hill Chardonnay 2014»
Sacred Hill Colombard Chardonnay 2015»
Sacred Hill Reserve Tawny»
Sacred Hill Rose 2015»
Sacred Hill Semillon Chardonnay 2012»
Sacred Hill Semillon Sauvignon 2014»
Sacred Hill Shiraz Cabernet 2013»
Sacred Hill Traminer Riesling 2014»
Sero Merlot Sangiovese 2006»
King Valley
Sero Syrah Dolcetto»
King Valley
Treviso Moscato 2007»
Vinoque Art Martin Sangiovese»
Yarra Valley
Vinoque Chalmers Vineyard Greco»
Yarra Valley
Vinoque Chardonnay»
Yarra Valley
Vinoque Little Art Favorita»
Yarra Valley
Vinoque Nebbiolo Rose»
Yarra Valley
Vinoque Oval Vineyard Pinot Blanc»
Yarra Valley
Vinoque Pinot Noir 2015»
Yarra Valley
Vinoque Roundstone Vineyard Gamay Noir»
Yarra Valley
Vinoque Same Same Pinot Noir Meunier»
Yarra Valley
Windy Peak Classic White 2009»
Yarra & King Valleys
Windy Peak Heathcote Shiraz 2016»
Windy Peak King Valley Pinot Grigio 2016»
King Valley
Windy Peak Pinot Chardonnay Brut»
Yarra King
Windy Peak Sangiovese 2009»
King Valley
Windy Peak Sauvignon Semillon 2010»
Windy Peak Yarra Valley Cabernet Merlot 2013»
Yarra Valley
Windy Peak Yarra Valley Chardonnay 2016»
Yarra Valley
Windy Peak Yarra Valley Pinot Noir 2017»
Yarra Valley
The Mornington Peninsula was scarcely associated with wine when Garry planted his first vines at Dromana in 1982.
As a key figure in the region's pioneering wave of vignerons, Garry was instrumental in forging for the Peninsula a reputation as a distinguished producer of cool climate wine.

Heathcote Wines by Crittenden

Pinnocchio Sangiovese»

Other Wines by Crittenden

Crittenden Estate Pinot Noir»
Crittenden Geppetto Pinot Gris 2013»
Geppetto Pinot Noir»
Pinocchio Arneis 2013»
King Yarra Mornington
Domaine Chandon Australia was established in 1986 as part of Moet & Chandon's expansion into New World sparkling wine production
Based at the Green Point winery operations located in the Yarra Valley, viticultural region which enjoys a wide range of cool to cold climate vineyards, ideal for sparkling wine production. The group of wineries was brought together as Chandon Estates in 1997 and formed a division of Moet - Hennessy. The winery is also well situated to draw fruit from other cool climate vineyards throughout Tasmania, Coonawarra, the Strathbogie Ranges and the Victorian Alps. Domaine Chandon produces premium quality Methode Traditionnelle sparkling wines from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.
 Cambrian Ridge
Cambrian Ridge

Heathcote Wines by Cambrian Ridge

Cambrian Ridge Shiraz 2006»
Buckshot are a family owned and operated vineyard winery amongst the famous Terra Rosa soils of Heathcote
Heathcote is an amazing place to grow grapes, long warm days and cool, clear nights provide a perfect climate for wines of powerful structure and fragrant perfumed fruit characters. Buckshot strive to create distinctive Heathcote wines which reflect the soil in which they come from. The wines of Buckshot show intense varietal aromas and flavours, balanced weight and mouthfeel, and a long silky finish. There are two wines released each year, Shiraz from a distinct 5 acre patch and a Zinfandel from a tiny single acre plot. Both are planted to the famous 500 million year old Cambrian quartz and ironstone soils which have made Heathcote famous throughout the world of wine.

Heathcote Wines by Buckshot

Buckshot Vineyard Heathcote Shiraz»
 Brown Brothers
In 1885 John Francis Brown, aged 18 planted ten acres of mostly Riesling, Muscat and Shiraz grapes on his Milawa property, located in the lower reaches of the King Valley in North East Victoria
Milawa Vineyard is the birth place of the Brown Brothers company, the first Brown Brothers wines were released in 1889. Surrounding the cellar door, Milawa Vineyard is the fruit source for renowned wines such as Patricia Noble Riesling, Shiraz Mondeuse & Cabernet and Dolcetto. It is also home to Brown Brothers’ winemaking facilities where grapes are received, crushed and made into quality wine. The current expanse of Brown Brothers vineyards, now located throughout Victoria, are as varied as the wines and wine styles.

Heathcote Wines by Brown Brothers

Brown Brothers Dolcetto Syrah 2016»
Milawa Heathcote
Brown Brothers Limited Release Durif»
Brown Brothers Limited Release Malbec»
Brown Brothers Ten Acres Shiraz»

Other Wines by Brown Brothers

Brown Brothers Australian Tawny Port»
Brown Brothers Cienna 2015»
Murray River
Brown Brothers Crouchen Riesling 2016»
King Valley
Brown Brothers Crouchen Riesling Rose 2015»
Murray King
Brown Brothers Crouchen Sauvignon Blanc 2014»
Murray King
Brown Brothers Everton White 2008»
Brown Brothers Late Pick Orange Muscat Flora 2012»
Murray Valley
Brown Brothers Lexia 2016»
Murray River
Brown Brothers Limited Release Gamay»
King Valley
Brown Brothers Limited Release Tempranillo Graciano»
Brown Brothers Moscato 2015»
Murray Valley
Brown Brothers Moscato Gold»
Brown Brothers Moscato Rosa 2015»
Murray Valley
Brown Brothers Moscato Rose Gold 2014»
Brown Brothers Patricia Cabernet Sauvignon»
Brown Brothers Patricia Chardonnay»
Brown Brothers Patricia Merlot 2004»
Pyrenees Beechworth
Brown Brothers Patricia Pinot Chardonnay Brut»
Brown Brothers Patricia Shiraz»
Brown Brothers Pinot Chardonnay Meunier NV»
King Valley
Brown Brothers Pinot Rose 2006»
King Valley
Brown Brothers Prosecco»
King Valley
Brown Brothers Single Vineyard Prosecco»
King Valley
Brown Brothers Single Vineyard Shiraz Mondeuse Cabernet»
King Valley
Brown Brothers Sparkling Moscato»
Murray Valley
Brown Brothers Sparkling Moscato Rosa»
Murray Valley
Brown Brothers Summer Edition Prosecco»
King Valley
Brown Brothers Summer Edition Prosecco Rose»
King Valley
Brown Brothers Tarrango 2014»
Brown Brothers Very Old Port»
Milawa, vic
Brown Brothers Zibibbo Rosa»
Brown Brothers Zibibbo Sparkling»
Murray Milawa
The winemaking team at Bress subscribe to a number of fundamental philosophies that underpin what it is they do and how it is done
Firstly, to farm in a sustainable manner that is environmentally sound. At Bress this is achieved by using Biodynamic farming practices: Biodynamic farming was developed in the mid 1920s by Rudolph Steiner and advocates the non use of synthetic herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers. Rather than using these products, composting and mulching are used on the farm to build up soil organic matter, which improves soil moisture retention. Natural biodynamic preparations500 through to 508 are used to improve soil vitality and plant health.
Bindi are one of Australia's most exciting new wineries. Critical acclaim is overwhelming, production is tiny and demand always outstrips supply
It's all about the environment and care for the land. The Bindi property is situated 50 kilometers northwest of Melbourne in the Macedon Ranges. Originally purchased in the 1950s as part of the larger grazing farm Bundaleer, Bindi is a 170 hectare farm of which 6 hectares are planted to Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Fifteen hectares are dedicated to managed plantation eucalypts for high grade furniture timber whilst the remainder of the land is maintained as remnant bush land and important indigenous grasslands. The Bindi vineyard is the fundamental focus of endeavors. The vineyard and winemaking philosophy seeks balance and purity in the expression of each individual vineyard site and this philosophy is applied to farming and conservation across the entire property, the preservation of natural harmony.

Heathcote Wines by Bindi

Bindi Pyrette Heathcote Shiraz 2010»

Other Wines by Bindi

Bindi Composition Chardonnay 2010»
Bindi Composition Pinot Noir 2010»
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