Brocard Domaine St Claire Petit Chablis 2010
Fruit Chardonnay
Regions Petit Chablis
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Jean-Marc Brocard often considers himself to be a servant of nature, he is unswerving in his determination to offer beautifully made Chablis wines in their purest forms. Each edition of Brocard is a Chablis first, foremost and to the last drop, wines which are some of the most beautiful and consistently characterful, pure expressions of Chardonnays. The cool mineral discipline of the generally lean soils and clime, ultimately tightens and structures the distinctive and complex Chardonnay grapes. Petit Chablis is a signature style of the greater Chablis region.
Long time winemaker Clotilde Davenne enjoys the enviable task of crafting the precious parcels of Domaine St Claire Chardonnay to express their distinguished origins. This is the classic attitude of terroir, a place that expresses itself in the wine, through the wine. Starting out in the early 1970s with just one hectare of Chablis vines, Jean Marc has built up to a formidable 120 hectares which supplies most of his needs. The annual purchase of new oak is only a few barrels a year and this tells a lot. Grapes are grown to slopes that are shared with the tiny more exclusive Premier and Grand Cru sites, either side of the Serein River valley in which the town of Chablis itself is situated.
Pale greenish hue. Fine, delicate nose with notes of white fruit, cherry plums and crystallized citrus. The mouth reveals spicy and slightly acid notes, candy drops and lime. A thirst quenching palate, the dry oceanic winds, sultry seasoned oak characters, classic cheesey Chablis notes and chalkiness continue through to the lively cleansing finish. Brocard reflects the unique soil profiles of the region and with very little intervention. The essential expressions of cereal, mineral and citrus persist, the palate is tight but not as severe as fuller bodied Chablis. A crisp dry white which embraces habitual food matches, ideal with sauced white meat dishes and firmly fleshed fish.
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