Great Western Brut Reserve
Fruit Tarrango Colombard Grenache CheninBlanc
Regions Great Western
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A sparkling Brut of approachability and finesse, slightly drier than it's sibling Imperial Reserve, called upon at every opportunity, as aperitif for every occasion or accompaniement to all good cuisine. Sparkling winemaking at Great Western dates back to the 1860s, when unemployed miners found work, driving kilometres of tunnels into decomposed granite soils, to be used as cellars for the Best family's venture. Today, the strictly maintained temperatures of these ancient cellars are essential to the maturation of Great Western Brut.
Since 1892, the Great Western wineworks have been home to Australia's most popular and enduring range of sparkling wines. Great Western is one of the most successful effervescent wines in Australia, earning a reputation for immediate approachability, sheer drinkability and consistency in quality and style. Crafted at the historical winery from batches of Colombard and Chenin Blanc, Tarrango and Grenache grapes, grown by the most dedicated vignerons on their own family vineyards, across the premier viticultural precincts of Australia. Naturally fermented, carefully assembled, estate bottled and matured on sedimentery yeast lees for several months under the historic Great Western Cellars.
Pale golden hue, a fine persistent head. Nose reveals lifted freshness, apples and stonefruit, redolent fragrances that are fruity yet dry. immediately recognizable as a flavoursome, delicious wine, warm toastyness rounding out the vibrant fruit. Layers of flavour derived from extended ageing on sedimentery lees, honeycomb and nut richness before a lingering clean finish.
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Since 1851, The House of Seppelt has been at the forefront of Australian winemaking, consolidating a reputation for innovation and quality
From its beginnings in the Barossa Valley in 1851, Seppelt has pioneered vineyard plantings in regions of southern and eastern Australia. Constantly innovating, Seppelt is creating new wine styles, new packaging and new ideas that position this outstanding winery as a world leader. Seppelt's Great Western Winery is famous for The Drives (the labyrinthine catacombs of sparkling cellars) and home to the two champion Shiraz wines, St. Peters of Great Western, and the world-renowned Show Sparkling Shiraz. Seppelt»