Austins Geelong Shiraz 2006
Fruit Shiraz
Regions Geelong
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Pam and Richard Austin planted their first vines during the 1980s, in the Barrabool Hills southwest of Geelong, with a view to making super premium wines for Australia's best restaurants. The soils they turned were the same as those worked by pioneering Swiss over a century before, when Geelong was recognised as source of the finest Australian wines. The climate and rolling slopes of Moorabool Valley, the super soils and idyllic terroirs stimulate the vines into yielding intense Shiraz grapes with luscious plum flavours, cool climate spice and gripping tannins.
Moorabool Valley can trace its oenological heritage back to the 1840s, when Swiss immigrants established vines, some of the earliest plantings in Victoria and Australia. The area suffered badly in the second half of the nineteenth century when phylloxera and bureaucracy combined to destroy the region. Moorabool re-emerged as a viticultural precinct in the first days of Victoria's wine industry renaissance during the 1960s. Austins defines the outstanding potential of Shiraz within the Geelong region and the uniqueness of Mooroobool Valley. The finished wine is all about quality of fruit, a pure, single vineyard effort vinified from Shiraz clone PT23, grown to the Steiglitz Road property at Sutherlands Creek. Alcohol 14.0%
Deep dark red in colour. A compelling bouquet, blackberries and licorice, cloves and black pepper in a mix that's both heady and refined. Distinctly Geelong and Sutherlands Creek in particular, savoury elements provide a fine counterpoint to the lifted fruit, all superbly detailed by a fresh acidity. Deeply flavoured, the palate fulfils the promise of the bouquet and emphasises those facets, blackberries, clove and licorice reduced to a savoury intensity.
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Richard and Pam Austin began their journey with wine 27 years ago with a five-acre vineyard, in Geelong, dedicated to making super premium wines for Australia’s best restaurants
The Austins planted their first vines in the Barrabool Hills, southwest of Geelong, in the early 1980s. The soil they turned was the same worked by the pioneering Swiss more than a century before. During it's nineteenth century heyday, the Geelong region was recognised as producing some of the finest red wines made in Australia's first one hundred years. This was at a time when the Victorian wine industry out-produced the sum of the South Australian and New South wales industries by a factor of two. The area suffered badly in the second half of the nineteenth century when phylloxera (a grapevine pest) and bureaucracy combined to destroy the region. The Moorabool Valley re-emerged in the first days of the Victorian wine industry's renaissance, in the 1960s. Recognition of that link has played a major part in the Austin family's affair with wine and the move to Sutherlands Creek. Austins»