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The Winelistaustralia team possess many decades of accumulated experience in the fine wine industry, we are dedicated to delivering the highest standards of customer service

Customer Hotline
Phone us on 1300 996 891 and we'll respond ASAP

Delivery charges within Australia

Free shipping to **most destinations within Australia if the goods purchased are $200 or more. All shipments within Victoria are free if the order is a minimum of 12 bottles

  1. **Free shipping to most destinations within Australia if the goods purchased are $200 or more. Some destinations incur higher shipping fees
  2. All shipments within Victoria are free if the order is 12 bottles or more
  3. Orders of 7 to 11 bottles within Victoria attract a delivery charge of $10
  4. **For most other destinations within Australia there is a flat delivery fee of $10 for a shipment under $200 or $15 if the order is six bottles and less
  5. There is no shipping or freight charges to most destinations within Australia if the order is $200 or over
**Higher shipping fees for some Australian destinations
  • Northern Territories 0800-0836 0870-0872
    $15/dozen for orders over $200 $30/dozen for orders under $200
  • Northern Territories 0837-0869 0873-0899
    $30/dozen for orders over $200 $45/dozen for orders under $200
  • Perth 6000-6205 6800-6999
    Free delivery for all orders over $200 $15/dozen for orders under $200
  • Western Australia 6206-6699 6700-6797
    $15/dozen for orders over $200 $20/dozen for orders under $200
  • Norfolk & Xmas Islands 6798-6799
    $15/dozen for orders over $200 $30/dozen for orders under $200
  • Tasmania 7000-7999
    Free shipping on orders over $200 $15/dozen for orders under $200
Export Shipping Charges For Destinations Outside Australia
to P.R China
$133 $175 $210 $266 $287
to Hong Kong
$133 $175 $210 $266 $287
to Singapore
$133 $175 $210 $266 $287
to Taiwan
$133 $175 $210 $266 $287
to New Zealand
$84 $105 $126 $161 $161
Customs cleared by the dozento USA
$601 $601 $601 $601 $601
to Europe
$328 $437 $546 $655 $655
to United Kingdom
$328 $437 $546 $655 $655

We process all orders immediately - Most orders are filled and shipped out the same day

We do occasionally fall behind on despatching orders, if we have no stock on hand or if there is an abnormally large queue. It may take up to 72 hours on some ocassions to send out orders, but this is an exception. If the purchase is made before noon on any business day, and the items are in our warehouse, the shipment is sent out the same day. Some deliveries may arrive a day or two following the purchase if the destination is within Victoria, while some can take up to ten days if the address is very distant from our warehouse. If the address for delivery is within Australia, the goods are most likely to be delivered by Australia Post and can reasonably be expected to arrive within 3 to 10 working days. If you feel that your order has been unreasonably delayed, please contact us and we will be happy to trace your shipment.

Do we collect or retain people's details?

We are committed to the protection of any personal information provided to us. Wine List Australia can only collect or retain the details that are freely provided to us by site visitors.

There are two purposes for which we may invite our viewers and patrons to submit their details.

  1. When making a purchase, to verify the credit card user and to determine a delivery address. We do not see or retain credit card numbers. These are processed directly by the Australia New Zealand Bank. We also invite returning patrons to create a username and password, for the purposes of shortening the checkout process.
  2. Registration to newsletters and informative emails that subscribers may cancel at their discretion. In the event of a subscription cancellation, email addresses and relevant details are deleted from our records and will not be retained or transferred.

Our company does not disclose, distribute or sell any information collected from our customers to any other parties. If you suspect or become aware of any unauthorised use of your personal information, we ask that you contact us immediately.

All Information supplied to us by our customers and viewers, is used solely for the purpose that it is given.

Credit cards and security

Our company does not have access to credit card information at any stage of a transaction. All Credit card information is entered directly by the customer, into the ANZ's Secure Internet Payment Gateway, which authorises and completes the transaction.

By using this site, you consent to the collection and use of details you provide us, for the express purpose they are given, in accordance with the terms in this privacy policy.

Disruptions to internet & system failures. E.&O.E.

In the case of network, systemic, IT based, or bank transaction errors, we will make every attempt to deliver to the customer a fair and reasonable outcome. The shopper must be vigilant generally when making purchases through the internet and be wary of it's nature. We take all reasonable precautions in the administration and maintenance of our on-line systems, and advise our site visitors to be prudent, to exercise caution, and to not abuse the service