Pipers BrookTasmania
Taltarni is one of the earliest vineyard sites in the Pyrenees, originally planted to the classic varietals, immediately establishing a reputation for impressive robust reds and premium quality sparkling wines
The rebirth of Taltarni Vineyards in 1972 was something of a renaissance for the Pyrenees, a winegrowing region that had slipped into a nadir after a vticultural history which dates back to the mid nineteenth century. Today, the Taltarni Estate's fundamental philosophy is to produce distinctive, well-balanced premium varietal wines with recognizable regionality and estate styling.
 Pipers Brook Estate
Established in 1974, Pipers Brook Vineyard is an award-winning, cool-climate premium winery on the north coast of Tasmania
Pipers Brook Estate is a small winery where all it's wines are estate-grown and bottled. The winery produces over ten varieties of red, white and sparkling wines under the Pipers Brook Vineyard , Pirie and Ninth Island labels. Pipers Brook Vineyard grapes are sourced entirely from within the Tasmanian appellation. Its wines are available in seventeen countries.

Pipers Brook Wines by Pipers Brook Estate

Pipers Brook Vineyard Pinot Gris 2014»
Pipers Tamar
Pipers Brook Vineyard Riesling 2015»
Pipers Tamar
 Ninth Island
The Ninth Island Vineyard blocks sit on the 41st parallel astride Tasmania's lavish Pipers Brook and Tamar River Valley regions
Ninth Island, which is part of the Kreglinger group of wineries, acquired the immensely successful D Block Vineyard in 1993. Being located on the banks of the Tamar River this site does not have the frost risk of Tasmanian other vineyards. The view here is fantastic, and being a comparatively warm site, it is dedicated to table wine production, the backbone for Ninth Island's Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc range. It is also the source of Pipers Brook Pinot Gris, Gewürztraminer and Tamar Estate (Cab/Merlot) wines. It is also the only site that is able to adequately ripen fruit if the vines are managed correctly to produce the Pipers Brook Tamar Estate Cab Merlot

Pipers Brook Wines by Ninth Island

Ninth Island Chardonnay 2016»
Pipers Tamar
Ninth Island Pinot Grigio 2016»
Pipers Tamar
Ninth Island Pinot Noir 2015»
Pipers Tamar
Ninth Island Riesling 2007»
Pipers Tamar
Ninth Island Sauvignon Blanc 2017»
Pipers Tamar
Ninth Island Sparkling N.V»
Kreglinger, founded in 1797 by brothers George and Christian Kreglinger is a family company which holds registration number one in Antwerp
The family's group of companies extended to Australia, establishing Kreglinger Australia in 1893. In 2000, Kreglinger (Australia) Pty Ltd diversified into wine production and marketing with the establishment of Norfolk Rise Vineyard and winery at Mount Benson in the Limestone Coast region of South Australia and the following year took majority ownership of the Pipers Brook Winery. Kreglinger Wine Estates, the producers of the internationally acclaimed Pipers Brook Vineyard, Ninth Island and Kreglinger wines has a history that encompasses over 30 years as a modern pioneer and leader of the Tasmanian fine wine industry.

Pipers Brook Wines by Kreglinger

Kreglinger Vintage Brut 2006»

Other Wines by Kreglinger

Norfolk Rise Cabernet Sauvignon 2008»
Limestone Coast
Norfolk Rise Merlot 2015»
Limestone Coast
Norfolk Rise Pinot Grigio 2014»
Limestone Coast
Norfolk Rise Sauvignon Blanc 2013»
Limestone Coast
In the northeast corner of Australia's southern island state is a wine region so perfect for creating sparkling wine that it has captured the interest of French Champagne makers
Louis Roederer of Reims shared the belief that the climate of the area was ideal for the production of finely structured methode champenoise and formed a venture with Tasmania's Heemskerk to establish the Jansz operations. With a climate very close to that of Champagne, this region is known simply as Sparkling Tasmania. The Jansz vineyards lie in the Tamar Valley at the heart of Tasmania's Pipers River region.
The dry stonewall entrance to Delamere Vineyards can be found on the Tamar Valley wine route, between Pipers River and the seaside township of Bridport
Delamere is one of the original vineyards planted in the Pipers Brook region, one of Tasmania’s longest running family owned and operated wine estates. Venture up the winding bush track, past the small quarry and a magnificent old oak tree to the rustic cellar door and winery. The devoted team here are fully focused on producing distinguished sparkling and table wines from the finest harvests of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Great value is placed on the varietal expression of these noble cool climate varieties, as well as the distinctiveness of site as reflected through the estate's wines. Through intimate knowledge of vineyard, hands on management and modern winemaking techniques, Delamere take aim at producing wines of complexity, classic cool climate structure and great character.

Pipers Brook Wines by Delamere

Delamere Estate Pinot Noir 2012»
Delamere Sparkling NV»
Delamere Sparkling Rose NV»
Nestled within a cocoon of mixed vegetation and rolling hills, Dalrymple Estate enjoys a unique and seductive aspect shared by only a few boutique vineyards littering Tasmania’s Pipers River region
Dalrymple Estate is located in the Tamar Valley at Pipers River, about one hour from Launceston. This celebrated vineyard of just 12.3 hectares rises up an easterly facing slope from 100m to 160m above sea level. Discovered by Dr Bertel Sundstrup in 1987 after a long search for the perfect site, this small mature family owned vineyard produces some of Australia’s most distinctive cool climate wines.

Pipers Brook Wines by Dalrymple

Dalrymple Pinot Noir 2014»
Dalrymple Sauvignon Blanc 2016»
 Bay of Fires
Bay of Fires was born of a desire to make cool climate wines of classical structure, combining fruit intensity with refinement, complexity and persistence of flavour
The group winemaking team at Hardys identified, back in 1994, the regions they believed would make cool climate wines of classical structure, combining fruit intensity with refinement, complexity and persistence of flavour - the ultimate expression and grape and region. Tasmania's potential for the production of classic, cool climate grape varieties was clearly evident. Their vision has come to fruition with the success of Bay of Fires, Tigress and Arras.

Pipers Brook Wines by Bay of Fires

Arras EJ Carr Late Disgorged 1999»
Pipers Tamar
Arras Grand Vintage 2007»
Pipers Tamar
Bay of Fires Pinot Chardonnay NV»
Pipers Tamar Coal Derwent
Tigress Sauvignon Blanc 2007»
Pipers Rokeby Tamar

Other Wines by Bay of Fires

Arras Brut Elite NV»
Bay Of Fires Pinot Noir 2014»
Coal Derwent
Tigress Pinot Chardonnay N.V»
Tamar & Coal Rivers
Tigress Sparkling Rose N.V»