Gosset Brut Excellence Champagne N.V
Fruit Chardonnay PinotNoir PinotMeunier
Regions Champagne Ay
Each $59.99
Available in cases of 6
Established 1584, Gosset is one of the smallest producers in luxury Champagne, but what it lacks in volume it amply makes up for in quality and prestige. Gosset remains unsurpassable for its fine, foaming textures and complex, powerful length, the most satiating experience in Champagne, a palate of unrivaled richness and staying power, one of the most superior effervescent wines in the world.
Gosset is an old Champagne house, still making wines in the traditional way, the pick of fruit crafted to timeless techniques, the finest Champagnes in the land which sell for a great deal less. The dedicated team at Gosset only retain those juices from the first and best pressing of grapes, unlike most other producers, initial fermentation is still carried out in small oak barrels. Riddling and disgorgement are performed by hand. Significantly, in contrast to virtually all other houses, Gosset Champagnes do not undergo malolactic fermentation, resulting in a heightened acidity for vintages of slower maturing wines offering the most remarkable finesse.
Pale golden yellow, a fine cordon of bubbles. Intense and complex bouquet showing warm baked brioche and buttery yeast characters, supple oak, nuttyness and layers of fruit complexity. Palate is rich, vinous and concentrated, dried figs and cherry, grilled almond and biscotte. Long and powerful length, a tranquil finish made for accompanying fine faire, delicate rabbit recipes, casseroled veal or wet cheese.
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