Wines by Mudhouse
Mudhouse Central Otago Pinot Noir 2015
Fruit Pinot Noir
Regions Central Otago
  New Zealand
  Each $19.99
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Mudhouse Sauvignon Blanc 2015
Fruit Sauvignon Blanc
Regions Marlborough
  New Zealand
  Each $14.99
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About Mudhouse Wines
Sauvignon blanc that says zing, Pinot noir that seductively whispers spice, and Merlot that plants the word ripe on the tip of your tongue. That’s what Mudhouse live for
When a glass is raised for the first time, it’s a moment full of promise. Living up to the promise is Mudhouse only ambition. If the first sip makes a good impression, they know they’ve done their job right. If it fails to amuse the palate, the winemaking team make a point of going outside and howling at the moon. But seriously, any connoisseur would agree that winemaking is one of the world’s most responsible tasks. It’s up there with making policy decisions at parliament and deciding a child’s name. Mudhouse»