Yarra Burn
In August 1975 David and Christine Fyffe purchased a property near Yarra Junction that has softly undulating good soil and fabulous views to Mt Donna Buang
In the spring that followed they erected makeshift houses to stay in while they planted vines on their days off from running Mayerling Cellars. Initial plantings were 2 acres each of pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon and half an acre of gewrztraminer, which was fairly quickly replanted with merlot when it lost popularity. The original name Settlement Vineyards was already registered so they settled on Yarra Burn, as the property is located half way between the two small townships of Yarra Junction and Wesburn. Part time study in viticulture and oenology at Roseworthy and Charles Sturt and help from consultants contributed to Yarra Burn's success. In late 1977 the Fyffes sold their bottleshop to build a house and an estate winery at Yarra Burn. They were encouraged and assisted by their friends at Jean Jacques by the Sea in establishing an onsite restaurant.

Pyrenees Wines by Yarra Burn

Yarra Burn Limited Release Pyrenees Shiraz 2003»

Other Wines by Yarra Burn

Yarra Burn Pinot Chardonnay Meunier 2015»
Yarra Valley
Yarra Burn Pinot Chardonnay Rose 2004»
Yarra Valley, Tasmania
Yarra Burn Premium Cuvee Brut»
Yarra Valley
Yarra Burn Premium Cuvee Rose»
Yarra Valley
Yarra Burn Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2008»
Yarra Valley
Yarra Burn Shiraz Viognier 2006»
Heathcote + Yarra Valley
Taltarni is one of the earliest vineyard sites in the Pyrenees, originally planted to the classic varietals, immediately establishing a reputation for impressive robust reds and premium quality sparkling wines
The rebirth of Taltarni Vineyards in 1972 was something of a renaissance for the Pyrenees, a winegrowing region that had slipped into a nadir after a vticultural history which dates back to the mid nineteenth century. Today, the Taltarni Estate's fundamental philosophy is to produce distinctive, well-balanced premium varietal wines with recognizable regionality and estate styling.
In the 1960s, with farming on a continuous downturn, Ian Summerfield sold a section of the Summerfield property to Walter Henning
Ian Summerfield took a keen interest in Henning's activities, and in 1969 that land was planted with Taltarni's first vines. Consequently to this day, the Summerfield vineyard shares its borders with the Taltarni estate. 1970 heralded a decade of great change for many Australian families, and for the Summerfield clan, it was a watershed year that welcomed a new era.

Pyrenees Wines by Summerfield

Summerfield Reserve Shiraz»
The Seabrook Family have been part of the Australian wine business since 1878, starting one of the country’s most respected wine companies W.J Seabrook & Son
Seabrook Wines is an artisan winemaker who works with growers to source exceptional fruit from the top regions around Australia and make premium wine to sell both domestically and into the international market. The business is family owned and operated out of the Barossa Valley where their estate vineyard and winery is located at the base of Menglers Hill in Tanunda. Since their first vintage in 2005 Seabrook wines have been awarded Haliday’s 5 star rating for the winery as well as several wine show medals.

Pyrenees Wines by Seabrook

Seabrook Great Western Shiraz»
 Sallys Paddock
The Sally's Paddock Wineworks were established by Neill and Sally Robb in the Pyrenees region of Central Victoria in 1973
Sally's Paddock is a distinctly Australian winemaking and culinarily focussed estate, named after the small town situated three kilometers to the north, two hours north-west of Melbourne at the heart of the Pyrenees rangea. Sally's Paddock has established a reputation for producing wines of excellent quality, consistency and value. Neill and Sally originally planted the estate to Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Malbec, today there are forty five acres under vine, producing extremely high quality grapes. After more than thirty years in the wine business, Sally's Paddock continues to be wholly owned and operated by Neill and Sally Robb.

Pyrenees Wines by Sallys Paddock

Sallys Hill Shiraz»
Sallys Paddock»
 Dominique Portet
Dominique Portet the man, the vision, the story
The Portet family lays claim to a singular accolade in the Australian wine Industry. Dominique is the ninth generation in his family to be committed to winemaking, yet he is the first to establish a winery and label bearing the family name. Since 1976 he has lived in Australia to create a family. "I'm at home here, I think my roots are here now." Although he now calls Australia home, Dominique Portet's bond with Bordeaux cannot be broken. His family has had links with the wine industry since 1780. "It is longer, but most of the records were lost during the revolution." The earliest document dated 1720, relates to the sale of Eaux de vie by Portet to the Martells.
Dalwhinnie is located near the tiny village of Moonambel in the heart of the Pyrenees region of Western Victoria, Australia and is a super premium producer of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay
After 25 years of growing grapes, the 18 hectare vineyard is now fully mature, producing true varietal fruit characters with great concentration of flavours.
 Brown Brothers
In 1885 John Francis Brown, aged 18 planted ten acres of mostly Riesling, Muscat and Shiraz grapes on his Milawa property, located in the lower reaches of the King Valley in North East Victoria
Milawa Vineyard is the birth place of the Brown Brothers company, the first Brown Brothers wines were released in 1889. Surrounding the cellar door, Milawa Vineyard is the fruit source for renowned wines such as Patricia Noble Riesling, Shiraz Mondeuse & Cabernet and Dolcetto. It is also home to Brown Brothers’ winemaking facilities where grapes are received, crushed and made into quality wine. The current expanse of Brown Brothers vineyards, now located throughout Victoria, are as varied as the wines and wine styles.

Pyrenees Wines by Brown Brothers

Brown Brothers Patricia Merlot 2004»
Pyrenees Beechworth

Other Wines by Brown Brothers

Brown Brothers Australian Tawny Port»
Brown Brothers Cienna 2015»
Murray River
Brown Brothers Crouchen Riesling 2016»
King Valley
Brown Brothers Crouchen Riesling Rose 2015»
Murray King
Brown Brothers Crouchen Sauvignon Blanc 2014»
Murray King
Brown Brothers Dolcetto Syrah 2016»
Milawa Heathcote
Brown Brothers Everton White 2008»
Brown Brothers Late Pick Orange Muscat Flora 2012»
Murray Valley
Brown Brothers Lexia 2016»
Murray River
Brown Brothers Limited Release Durif»
Brown Brothers Limited Release Gamay»
King Valley
Brown Brothers Limited Release Malbec»
Brown Brothers Limited Release Tempranillo Graciano»
Brown Brothers Moscato 2015»
Murray Valley
Brown Brothers Moscato Gold»
Brown Brothers Moscato Rosa 2015»
Murray Valley
Brown Brothers Moscato Rose Gold 2014»
Brown Brothers Patricia Cabernet Sauvignon»
Brown Brothers Patricia Chardonnay»
Brown Brothers Patricia Pinot Chardonnay Brut»
Brown Brothers Patricia Shiraz»
Brown Brothers Pinot Chardonnay Meunier NV»
King Valley
Brown Brothers Pinot Rose 2006»
King Valley
Brown Brothers Prosecco»
King Valley
Brown Brothers Single Vineyard Prosecco»
King Valley
Brown Brothers Single Vineyard Shiraz Mondeuse Cabernet»
King Valley
Brown Brothers Sparkling Moscato»
Murray Valley
Brown Brothers Sparkling Moscato Rosa»
Murray Valley
Brown Brothers Summer Edition Prosecco»
King Valley
Brown Brothers Summer Edition Prosecco Rose»
King Valley
Brown Brothers Tarrango 2014»
Brown Brothers Ten Acres Shiraz»
Brown Brothers Very Old Port»
Milawa, vic
Brown Brothers Zibibbo Rosa»
Brown Brothers Zibibbo Sparkling»
Murray Milawa
 Blue Pyrenees
The Pyrenees region of Central Victoria is the third oldest of the State's vignobles
The mountain range was named by the noted explorer and surveyor Major Thomas Mitchell, for its raw beauty and similarities to the Pyrenees in south western France, where Mitchell had served as a young Army officer. The first grower of vines for winemaking in the Avoca area was a man named MacKereth, who planted his vines in 1848. His vineyards grew to supply the thirsty miners working in the then thriving old mining industry.
 Berrys Bridge
The partnership of Roger Milner and Jane Holt emerged out of a juncture in mineral exploration and lead to vintages at Passing Clouds and Chateau Reynella
They selected a site just outside of the main nexus of Pyrenees estates to plant vines. Ironically settling on the very terrain operated a century earlier by a Mr Berry who had also planted Shiraz. George Berry started his vineyard and orchard in 1862 on the banks of Carapooee Creek. Whilst some rootstock 110 to 140 years old can still be found, today's Berry Bridge are the fruit of plantings by Jane Holt and Roger Milner. Milner developed his passion for viticulture after several vintages at Chateau Reynella in the 1970s. He joined forces with Holt BAppSc(WineSc) & AssocDegAppSc(Wine-growing), and happily took on the challenge of re-developing the site.

Pyrenees Wines by Berrys Bridge

Berrys Bridge Pyrenees Cabernet Sauvignon 2006»
Berrys Bridge Pyrenees Shiraz»
Amherst Winery is located in the heart of the Victorian Goldfields and the Pyrenees wine region, approximately 1¾ hour drive from Melbourne
Amherst is a town rich in history. It is accredited with the first official gold find in Victoria in 1851 setting off a gold rush stretching all over central Victoria. Although much of the architecture constructed during the gold rush days was destroyed by bush fires, there are still many examples of some of the original buildings at nearby Talbot, just 4km away.

Pyrenees Wines by Amherst

Amherst Bonindra Vineyard Shiraz 2014»
Amherst Daisy Creek Shiraz 2015»