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Yalumba, Australia's oldest family owned and operated winery, has a wealth of history and tradition
Yalumba was founded in 1849 by Samuel Smith, British migrant and English brewer, who had brought his family to Angaston seeking a new life. After purchasing a 30-acre parcel of land just beyond the southern-eastern boundary of Angaston, Smith and his son began planting the first vines by moonlight. Samuel named his patch Yalumba, aboriginal for 'all the land around'.

Riverland Wines by Yalumba

Yalumba Organic Shiraz 2015»
Adelaide Riverland Murray
Yalumba Organic Viognier 2016»

Other Wines by Yalumba

Dunes Greene Pinot Chardonnay»
Galway Vintage Traditional Shiraz 2013»
Barossa Valley
Oxford Landing Twin Gift Pack»
Yalumba Christobels Semillon Sauvignon 2016»
Yalumba Cigar Cabernet Sauvignon 2013»
Yalumba Distinguished Sites Shiraz Viognier 2014»
Eden Valley
Yalumba Eden Valley Shiraz Viognier 2012»
Yalumba Eden Valley Viognier 2015»
Eden Valley
Yalumba FDR1A Cabernet Shiraz 2004»
Eden Valley
Yalumba FDR1A Cabernet Shiraz 2012»
Eden Valley
Yalumba Mawsons Cabernet Sauvignon»
Limestone Coast, Wrattonbully
Yalumba Menzies Cabernet Sauvignon 2013»
Yalumba Museum Reserve Muscat 375ml»
Rutherglen vic
Yalumba Octavius Old Vine Shiraz 2004»
Yalumba Octavius Old Vine Shiraz 2010»
Barossa Eden
Yalumba Organic McLaren Vale Shiraz 2006»
Yalumba Patchwork Shiraz 2006 Gift Box»
Yalumba Patchwork Shiraz 2013»
Yalumba Premium Twin Gift Pack»
Yalumba Samuels Garden Old Bush Vine Grenache 2016»
Barossa Eden
Yalumba Scribbler Cabernet Shiraz 2013»
Yalumba Signature Cabernet Shiraz 2006»
Yalumba Signature Cabernet Shiraz 2012»
Barossa Eden
Yalumba Strapper Grenache Shiraz Mataro 2013»
Yalumba Y Series Cabernet Sauvignon 2015»
Wrattonbully Barossa
Yalumba Y Series Chardonnay 2017»
Yalumba Y Series Merlot 2016»
Yalumba Y Series Pinot Grigio 2017»
Yalumba Y Series Riesling 2017»
Yalumba Y Series Sangiovese Rose 2017»
Barossa Wrattonbully
Yalumba Y Series Sauvignon Blanc 2017»
Yalumba Y Series Shiraz 2016»
Yalumba Y Series Shiraz Viognier 2017»
Yalumba Y Series Twin Gift Pack»
Yalumba Y Series Vermentino 2014»
Yalumba Y Series Viognier 2017»
 Running With Bulls
Running With Bulls are leading the rush of Mediterranean varietals which can make exciting wine in South Australia’s soil and climate
In 1999, after several study visits to Spain by Yalumba luminaries Robert Hill-Smith and Louisa Rose, Tempranillo was grafted onto old Barossa rootstock. Known to thrive in a range of conditions around the world, Tempranillo has an affinity with the Barossa region, where an ideal climate helps to showcase the stylish fruit flavours of this emerging variety. The experimental fruit of Hill-Smith and Rose whet their appetites and led to further plantings.

Riverland Wines by Running With Bulls

Running With Bulls Vermentino 2011»

Other Wines by Running With Bulls

Running With Bulls Barossa Tempranillo 2016»
Running With Bulls Wrattonbully Tempranillo 2013»
 Oxford Landing
A Real Vineyard, Oxford Landing is the perfect environment for growing grapes with vibrant, fruity flavours
Oxford Landing is a real place, a real vineyard. A place distinguished by clear blue skies, rich red soil and an abundance of golden sunshine. Established in 1958 on the banks of the majestic Murray River in South Australia, the vineyard was named Oxford Landing after a nearby site where drovers once grazed and watered sheep on the long journey to Adelaide from northern pastoral properties.

Riverland Wines by Oxford Landing

Oxford Landing Chardonnay 2014»
Oxford Landing Merlot 2014»
Oxford Landing Sauvignon Blanc 2014»
Lindemans promise more than the partnering of quality grapes and craftsmanship. Every wine contains the spirit and passion of founder Dr Henry J Lindeman
A graduate of London’s famous St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, Henry Lindeman discovered winemaking while travelling through Europe in the late 1830s. Fascinated by wine’s medicinal benefits, he devoted much of his time to learning the skilful craft. In 1840, he returned to England to marry Eliza Bramhall and within weeks, the couple embarked on a four-month voyage to start a new life in the Australian colonies.
Thomas Hardy left Devon in 1850 at the age of 20 and migrated to the new colony of South Australia
He established a winery on the banks of Adelaide's River Torrens in 1853. His Bankside winery was the start of an outstanding family wine business that grew to become one of the world's great wine companies. Thomas Hardy was a self-made man, a pioneer of immense character. With a mixture of energy, determination, shrewd judgment, innovation and a touch of daring, he pursued the highest standards in winemaking. At Bankside, and later at his McLaren Vale property Tintara, he focused on quality and craftsmanship. Tintara was to become the centre of Hardy's enterprise and by the late 1800s was one of the best-equipped and managed wineries in Australia. This success was substantially due to Hardy's initiatives in planting higher quality, lower yielding varieties rather than the coarser, heavier-yielding types more common at the time. His willingness to experiment with and to use novel equipment, much of which he designed and built himself, also contributed to this success.
 Banrock Station
Welcome to Banrock Station, fine Australian wines from passionately nurtured earth
Banrock Station is a large property on the banks of the Murray River in South Australia. When purchased in 1994, the land was severely degraded after a century of sheep grazing. A massive undertaking has seen the areas native wetlands and woodlands restored, creating a healthy environment. Now, it’s not just native birds who flock to the property, visitors are welcome to explore boardwalks and enjoy meals and tastings at the Wine and& Wetland Centre. It’s a showcase of sustainable architecture, with solar power, renewable materials and minimal environmental footprint.