Wines by Bollinger
Bollinger Grande Annee 2005
Fruit PinotNoir Chardonnay
Regions Ay - Champagne
  Each $219.99
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Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut Champagne NV
Fruit Chardonnay PinotNoir PinotMeunier
Regions French Champagnes, Ay
  Each $69.99
Available in cases of 6
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About Bollinger Winery
The history of Bollinger is that of a family in the Champagne region of France over the centuries.
The original winemakers -Hennequins- were landowners in Cramant as of 1585 in Cuis and Ay. In 1829, Athanase Hennequin de Villermont became partners with Paul Renaudin and Jacques Bollinger to found the Maison Bollinger in Ay. Bollinger»