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For over 250 years, Bouchard Aine & Fils has remained expert in crafting the finest Burgundy wines. Bouchard is recognized around the world for award winning Pinot Noir, one of the most delicate and challenging grape varieties to grow and to handle. Bouchard Aîne & Fils now applies its savoir-faire to another region, Pays d'Oc in the southwest of France, warmer in microclimatic influences and temperament. They have achieved a Pinot Noir that's more robust than it's northern siblings. Pays d'Oc is a flavoursome red wine to accompany feisty cuisine.
The name Bouchard Aîne & Fils carries great prestige due to a long standing commitment throughout generations of family ownership, to ensure perfect quality and authenticity in its wines. Vins Pays d'Oc is grown to the natural elements, earth and wind, sun and regional influences, crafted to traditional viniculture by families who have been nurturing their vineyards and enjoying their own wine for centuries. The fruit is monitored and hand pruned throughout the growing season. After picking, pressing and a spell of cold maceration, parcels are aged in Burgundian oak barrels, whilst a further component is fermented in tank to retain the youthful, fruit driven characters. Approx 12.5%
Intense ruby red colour. Bouquets of liquorice and violet, tar and earth, meatyness and briar. A ribbon-like mouthfeel and texture, smooth and nimble. Flavours of strawberry and jammy fruits, five spice and fresh green mixed herbs, characters of smoked charcouterie and white pudding, soil and meal. Jet black tannins, velvety and smooth, they work hand in glove with the strawberryness of the fruit, as it moves towards a cocoa, oak lined finish. Enjoy Pinossimo with duckling or veal, Italian and Asian cuisine, alongside gourmet pizza or as an accompaniement to cheese. Grown and bottled by families who love their food and wine, Pinossimo pairs extremely well with all good faire.
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