Star Lane
Star Lane is a family owned and operated vineyard winery in the Beechworth winegrowing region
Brett Barnes is the viticulturalist and Liz Barnes is the winemaker. Rick Kinzbrunner from Giaconda Winery has assisted Liz in the making of the wine since the establishment of the winery commencing with the 2005 vintage. Rick has kindly imparted wisdom and knowledge along with a few trade secrets to help create Star Lane’s wines into wines with elegance, finesse and distinction. The fruit is all estate grown. Merlot and Shiraz are planted on red loam over mudstone soils. There is also a planting of Sangiovese and Nebbiolo on granite soil at partners Kate and Rex Lucas’s place just a couple of kilometres away. The vineyards are slightly sloping with views stretching across the hills that encircle them in the valley to which they are planted.

Beechworth Wines by Star Lane

Star Lane Merlot 2010»
Star Lane Shiraz 2012»
Sorrenberg is a 2.5 hectare vineyard which is owned by Barry and Jan Morey and situated on the outskirts of Beechworth
The Morey family has a tradition of winemaking that goes back over 500 years to the Mosel River in Germany. Barry's grandfather, Jacob Barzen, emigrated to Australia to work on a family vineyard and winery at Dookie. This vineyard has since been sold and converted back to grazing land. The name Sorrenberg comes from a small vineyard owned by the Barzen family near a town called Reil on the Mosel.

Beechworth Wines by Sorrenberg

Sorrenberg Beechworth Gamay 2013»
 Piano Piano
Traditional vignerons, Marc Scalzo and Lisa Hernan established a homestead vineyard by planting their own Chardonnay and Shiraz vines on a picturesque site in Beechworth
Piano Piano vineyards are located on a highly sought after golden mile amongst some of Beechworths most notable wine producers. They focus on making premium, estate grown single vineyard wines, vintages with a strong sense of place. Rather than impose his own personality on the wines, Marc has always strived to let the vineyard tell its own story. Marc started his wine education around the kitchen table at home. His father Mario introduced him to a wide selection of local and Italian wines. After graduating with a Science degree from Monash University and working for IBM for five years, the lure of wine was strong. Marc then studied Wine Science at Charles Sturt University and has many years of practical experience, including seven years as a winemaker at Brown Brothers and vintages at Giaconda, Seresin Estate (NZ), Delegats (NZ) and John Gehrig Wines. Marc is also Chief Winemaker at Rutherglen Estates.

Beechworth Wines by Piano Piano

Piano Piano Henrys Block Shiraz 2015»
Piano Piano Sophies Block Chardonnay 2016»

Other Wines by Piano Piano

Piano Piano Marios Blend Tempranillo Touriga 2013»
King Valley
 Brown Brothers
In 1885 John Francis Brown, aged 18 planted ten acres of mostly Riesling, Muscat and Shiraz grapes on his Milawa property, located in the lower reaches of the King Valley in North East Victoria
Milawa Vineyard is the birth place of the Brown Brothers company, the first Brown Brothers wines were released in 1889. Surrounding the cellar door, Milawa Vineyard is the fruit source for renowned wines such as Patricia Noble Riesling, Shiraz Mondeuse & Cabernet and Dolcetto. It is also home to Brown Brothers’ winemaking facilities where grapes are received, crushed and made into quality wine. The current expanse of Brown Brothers vineyards, now located throughout Victoria, are as varied as the wines and wine styles.

Beechworth Wines by Brown Brothers

Brown Brothers Patricia Merlot 2004»
Pyrenees Beechworth

Other Wines by Brown Brothers

Brown Brothers Australian Tawny Port»
Brown Brothers Cienna 2015»
Murray River
Brown Brothers Crouchen Riesling 2016»
King Valley
Brown Brothers Crouchen Riesling Rose 2015»
Murray King
Brown Brothers Crouchen Sauvignon Blanc 2014»
Murray King
Brown Brothers Dolcetto Syrah 2016»
Milawa Heathcote
Brown Brothers Everton White 2008»
Brown Brothers Late Pick Orange Muscat Flora 2012»
Murray Valley
Brown Brothers Lexia 2016»
Murray River
Brown Brothers Limited Release Durif»
Brown Brothers Limited Release Gamay»
King Valley
Brown Brothers Limited Release Malbec»
Brown Brothers Limited Release Tempranillo Graciano»
Brown Brothers Moscato 2015»
Murray Valley
Brown Brothers Moscato Gold»
Brown Brothers Moscato Rosa 2015»
Murray Valley
Brown Brothers Moscato Rose Gold 2014»
Brown Brothers Patricia Cabernet Sauvignon»
Brown Brothers Patricia Chardonnay 2015»
Brown Brothers Patricia Pinot Chardonnay Brut»
Brown Brothers Patricia Shiraz»
Brown Brothers Pinot Chardonnay Meunier NV»
King Valley
Brown Brothers Pinot Rose 2006»
King Valley
Brown Brothers Prosecco»
King Valley
Brown Brothers Single Vineyard Prosecco»
King Valley
Brown Brothers Single Vineyard Shiraz Mondeuse Cabernet 2013»
King Valley
Brown Brothers Sparkling Moscato»
Murray Valley
Brown Brothers Sparkling Moscato Rosa»
Murray Valley
Brown Brothers Summer Edition Prosecco»
King Valley
Brown Brothers Summer Edition Prosecco Rose»
King Valley
Brown Brothers Tarrango 2014»
Brown Brothers Ten Acres Shiraz»
Brown Brothers Very Old Port»
Milawa, vic
Brown Brothers Zibibbo Rosa»
Brown Brothers Zibibbo Sparkling»
Murray Milawa
Established in 1970, Brokenwood Wines has evolved from a weekend venture for self-professed hobby winemakers into one of Australia's most reputable wine labels
Brokenwood was founded by a trio of Sydney-based solicitors, Tony Albert, John Beeston and James Halliday, who paid a then record price of $970 per acre for a 10-acre block in the foothills of the Brokenback Ranges. The original block - originally planned as a cricket ground for the local community was planted with Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz.