Killawarra Dusk Sparkling Strawberry
  South Australia
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Pink for the girls? Perfectly appropriate if it's laced with strawberries and sparkles! So Strawberry fields forever, until the weekends over, awesome! A subtle infusion of delicious red berries balances a bouquet of bright fruit characters. Every hostess with the mostess understands the importance of pleasing the crowds and showing good taste, so take no chances with the girls, serve as you yourself wish to be served. You don't have to be a Hollywood starlet to appreciate the luxury of fizzy Strawberry Killawarra Dusk, but it helps. Why not make it a Strawberry Sunday?
Killawarra have made a name for crafting delicious sparkling wines. Strawberries and champagne may be a traditional partnering, but a sparkling Strawberry wine is new and contemporary. Killawarra Dusk is created from a very unique blend of grapes, sourced from vineyards across south and southeast Australia's finest viticultural precincts. The sensational flavours of Killawarra Dusk are the result of carefully balancing the separate wine and strawberry components of the final Cuvée. Fashioned from the pick of the harvest, perfect for putting some funk into your evening, Killawarra Dusk is a popular, cool and simply delicious wine, designed to let you celebrate in magnificent effervescent pink style.
Delicate bead of bright pink hues. Lively nose of fresh strawberry perfumes, bright cherry notes and pink florals. Killawarra Dusk reveals a light yet generously flavoured palate, beautifully sweet with ripe red berry flavours balanced against a perfect level of tartness, the finish is refreshingly crisp. A fun summery drink, requiring no further strawberries, but drinks even better if they're brought to the party!
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