Sarsfield Estate Pinot Noir 2011
WinerySarsfield Estate
Fruit Pinot Noir
Regions Gippsland
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Early pioneer Charles Marshall was born in Sydney to convict parents. He discovered an entrance from the ocean into Gippsland lakes where he struck gold. In 1856 Marshall built a store and hotel, transporting stores and passengers aboard his boat, the Sarsfield. The two hectares of vine at Sarsfield, planted between the lakes and wilderness of Victoria's east Gippsland, yield a soft, velvety Pinot of great richness and remarkable depth of flavour.
Hand pruned, hand trained and hand picked, the Sarsfield estate property is more than just grapes. Originally planted in the early nineties, the vines and crop levels are carefully managed to produce Pinot Noir of the highest quality. The favourable microclimes and rich soils form the perfect symbiosis to ripen grapes to perfection, consequently, the quality of Sarsfield is nothing short of world class. Bunches are fermented to small batch, old world winemaking techniques, hand plunged for maximum extraction and treated to a traditional hand operated basket press, followed by an extended maturation in a selection of French oak barriques.
Light to medium, translucent cherry red colour. Rich nose with raspberry, ripe plum and lovely French oak. The palate is full and intense, with plenty of ripe, plummy flavours over a firm tannin structure. Full and complex with soft cherry and steamed pudding characters, showing good weight from the attractive level of alcohol, there is some power here but it is all very affable and restrained. Already showing complexity, the wine of choice to match rare duck breast or chinese pork.
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Sarsfield is a tiny hamlet and surrounding semi-rural community on the Nicholson River in the South-Eastern corner of Australia
Sarsfield boasts a bridge, a dozen or so houses and a single street light in the middle. There are no shops, no pub and the school has been closed a few years ago. But of course there is always hope that Sarsfield too, will eventually graduate to a traffic light and perhaps a supermarket! The Gippsland area has been inhabited for at least 18,000 years by people of the Gunai or Kurnai tribe, living as hunters and gatherers in the hills and along the rivers and the coast. (learn more: Bataluk Cultural Trail). Sarsfield Estate»