Cleanskin King Valley Merlot Sangiovese 2011
Fruit Merlot Sangiovese
Regions King Valley
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Here's an exciting King Valley red that offers a spectrum of fragrances and flavour over lively tannins, a mouthfilling assembly of Merlot and Sangiovese grown to cool climate, high country vines. An engaging red with a seamless palate and distinctive Italianate stylishness to savour with all good food, exhibiting many of the meaty spice and plum characters of the lofty Tuscans. A nose and palate of dark fruits and pepper, wrapped in subtle toasty oak, the tannins are brisk, the flavours are long, fully integrated yet complex, the acids invigorating and dry.
Grapes are harvested from good vineyards which enjoy the nourishing spring rain runoffs of the high country, carefully tended by the most dedicated growers. The King Valley is generally classified as a cool climate, slow ripening region, the vignerons often call on their continental heritage to adapt the alpine vineyard management techniques to husband some of Australia's healthiest vines. Soils are replenished by spring rains, the grapes are encouraged by slow ripening conditions to develop intense characters of plum and spice, supported by healthy tannins and an equitable balance between natural fruit sugars and refreshing acidity.
Deep, bright red with a dark centre. Rich, complex aromas of scented fruit, the sweetness of raspberry and savoury of soy, fruit driven, alluring and poised, with a central core of plum, mocha and spice, underpinned by hints of bouquet garni over dusty cedar. Whiffs of cherry and stonefruit, offset by compotes and lifted berry characters, ground black pepper and supple oak. On the palate are notes of mint and herb, pepper, blood plum and black cherry, fruit driven and distinctively King Valley. An excellent partner to braised dishes or barbequed meats, gourmet sausages and lasagna.
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