Cleanskin Clare Valley Riesling 2015
Fruit Riesling
Regions Clare Valley
  South Australia
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Clare Valley Riesling can be found on the finest winelists around the world. Many of the region's most prestigious brands are still owner operated by the same families that established Clare Valley to viticulture during early settlement. Enter an unlabelled Riesling by one of the nation's most eminent families of Riesling specialists, revered throughout the Australian wine industry for their enduring excellence. A deeply engaging and envigorating young wine that's guaranteed to please, delivered without any freight fee by the dozen to every destination in Australia.
Choice parcels grown to excellent vineyards around the premier districts of Valley Clare form the backbone of fruit. Growing seasons are long and cool, greatly enhancing the aromaticness of white varietals, concentrating flavours and developing fine natural acidity. Riesling flourishes here and yields world class fruit. Grapes are harvested and bunches pressed, batches are inoculated by a pure yeast culture and treated to vinification in controlled fermenters at cooler temperatures for up to a month, aimed at retaining the pristine elegance of Clare Valley fruit. The finished wine is assembled and bottled early with a view to drinking beautifully from day one.
Pale straw with lime hues. Fragrances of stonefruit and limes, floral hints, beeswax and jasmine, honeysuckle, lemon blossoms and quince. A taught and fruit driven palate exhibiting delicate background florals over steely acid backbone and crisp minerality. Refreshing and clean throughout, an elegance and soft glow of apple acidity that carries through to the finish.
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