About Babich Winery
From humble beginnings in the Northland kauri gum fields early last century, Babich Wines have become one of New Zealands most respected wineries
Today Babich is one of New Zealand's largest family-owned wine companies. Babich Wines' strongly-held winemaking philosophy lies at the heart of their approach to producing interesting wines.
About Baileys Glenrowan Winery
The Baileys wine-making story began in the 1860’s, when Richard Bailey and his young family arrived in Australia
The Baileys set up a store in Glenrowan to supply miners on nearby goldfields. This store was located alongside the famous Anne Jones Inn where the Kelly gang siege was to take place. As the gold fields dried up and the miners moved on, the Bailey family turned to farming instead, settling their property near Glenrowan. Back then, rural life was tough and lonely, and the Glenrowan countryside was barren and unforgiving. But the Baileys family persevered on their property named “Bundarra”: eventually planting one of the district’s first vineyards.
About Balbi Soprani Winery
Balbi Soprani
About the Balgownie Winery
Balgownie Estate is one of Australia's great small vineyards located near the historic gold mining town of Bendigo in central Victoria, just 150km northwest of Melbourne
Here, on the rich soils of Maiden Gully, the well-known and highly regarded winemaker Stuart Anderson established the vineyards and winery in 1969. In 1999 Balgownie Estate was purchased by the Forrester family, passionate wine lovers with a determination to build on the Estate's illustrious history. Today, the Bendigo vineyard has expanded to thirty hectares with plantings of cabernet sauvignon, shiraz, pinot noir, and chardonnay as well as smaller quantities of merlot cabernet franc, sangiovese and viognier.
More on the Ballande Winery
More About Ballast Stone Wines
The Shaw family own and operate Ballast Stone Vineyards, they can be proud of four decades as winegrowers, vignerons and vintners
Their dream for family involvement inspired Richard and Marie to expand from 5 acres to over 1,200 acres to become one of the largest owners of vineyards in the premium cool climate regions of McLaren Vale and Currency Creek in South Australia. The Shaw family vision included producing high quality wine for the enjoyment of global wine connoisseurs. In 2000 the construction of their ultra modern, state-of-the-art winery was completed. Ballast Stone's wine is produced from grapes picked from their family vineyards and is produced at their Ballast Stone winery that is located in the Currency Creek region. Ballast Stone Estate has a range of distinguished labels comprised of Ballast Stone Estate Range, Stonemason, Steeple Jack and the ultra premium and iconic brands, Emetior & RMS.
About Balnaves Wines
Balnaves are a small but very proud wine family owned wine company in the heart of the famous Coonawarra Terra Rossa strip
Since the planting of the first 5 hectares of vines in 1976, the vineyard has grown steadily and now covers a total of 56 hectares of Coonawarra Terra Rossa soil. The principal variety planted is Cabernet Sauvignon, which accounts for 70% of the area whilst the addition of Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Chardonnay make up the total vineyard area of 58 hectares.
More About Bannockburn Winery
Stuart Hooper's uncompromising commitment to quality, regardless of cost, has placed Bannockburn at the forefront of re-establishing Geelong as an exceptional cool climate wine producing area
Bannockburn was established by Stuart Hooper in 1974. It was Hooper's passion to share the enjoyment of a bottle of red with friends and family, and his dream of producing wine from his own vineyard, that lead to the establishment of Bannockburn. His vision was to create a vineyard which would produce Australian wine of a quality to emulate the great wines of France, in particular the great Burgundies. Stuart had a purist, uncompromising approach to quality grape growing and winemaking. He had a strong belief in making wines which genuinely reflect the flavours of the vineyard. Although Stuart has since passed away, Bannockburn Vineyards remains in the Hooper family and his philosophy remains as the cornerstone behind all Bannockburn represents today.
More About Banrock Station Wines
Welcome to Banrock Station, fine Australian wines from passionately nurtured earth
Banrock Station is a large property on the banks of the Murray River in South Australia. When purchased in 1994, the land was severely degraded after a century of sheep grazing. A massive undertaking has seen the areas native wetlands and woodlands restored, creating a healthy environment. Now, it’s not just native birds who flock to the property, visitors are welcome to explore boardwalks and enjoy meals and tastings at the Wine and& Wetland Centre. It’s a showcase of sustainable architecture, with solar power, renewable materials and minimal environmental footprint.
More on the Barbadillo Winery
More About Barone Montalto Wines
Barone Montalto
More About Barossa Valley Estate Wines
Barossa Valley Estate was established in 1985 by a group of independent growers who saw an opportunity to add value to their harvest.
The Winery was initially established as a co-operative with the objective of making and marketing premium bottled wine. The Barossa Valley Estate grape growers and the winemaker have a very close relationship due to this structure and the synergy that has developed is evident in the richness and depth of flavours in the wine.
About the Barratt Winery
Barratt Wines, acclaimed for its award winning specialty Pinot Noir, is a family owned and operated winery in the Piccadilly Valley, the premium grape growing region of South Australia's Adelaide Hills
Lindsay Barratt was previously a physician and retired entirely from medicine in 2001 to realise his dream of handcrafting the wine from beginning to end - growing and caring for the vines (which he has done since 1990 when the Uley property was acquired) and, since 2001, taking the grapes through the process of specialised winemaking. After having achieved his Graduate Diploma in Oenology at the University of Adelaide in 2002, he has taken control of all the wine produced under the Barratt label at the Lobethal winery. Barratt sources grapes from two small vineyards, Uley and Bonython, to produce quality wines handcrafted to exacting standards. The Adelaide Hills are a challenging region in which to grow grapes and make win and Lindsay Barratt loves a challenge!
More on the Barringwood Winery
Barrington's wine can truly gladden the heart and change the nature of the person, it will beguile the wise, make the serious to frolic, make the saddened wear a smile
The first vines at Barringwood’s original Lower Barrington vineyard were planted on the site of a working sawmill in 1993. In 2012 Vanessa and Neville Bagot were visiting Vanessa’s beloved home state from their home in Sydney when they were made aware that Barringwood Park Vineyard (as it was then called) was for sale. A single visit to the stunning site along with wine tasting captivated them, perhaps it is too simplistic to say they liked the wine so much they bought the vineyard, but it’s not too far from the mark. While the purchase of the vineyard was really intended as a charming distraction from their busy professional lives in Sydney, the reality has been quite different. The distraction rapidly became an obsession, particularly for Vanessa who has truly found her passion. Indeed she is never happier than when she is hand pruning in the dead of winter.
More About Barwang Winery
McWilliam's Barwang Vineyard is situated along the southwest slopes of the Great Dividing Range, near Young in New South Wales, at an altitude of 520m
Hilltops enjoys adequate and reliable rainfall, with mild days and cool nights, allowing for the slow, even ripening of fruit. The region’s high altitude, cool prevailing winds from the Great Dividing Range which offset diurnal temperatures, and the high minerality of the soil are three significant elements which combine to make the Hilltops a distinctive wine producing region. A dry summer and autumn, with cool nights and mild days exacerbate the extended ripening period. Heavy snowfall and frost in winter are quite common; and whilst substantial rainfall occurs in the growing season, most falls in spring.
More on the Bass Phillip Winery
Bass Phillip is renowned for producing some of the best Pinot Noir wines in Australia for decades
Named after two of our great Australian explorers, George Bass and Arthur Phillip, Bass Phillip Wines were established by Phillip Jones in 1979. Recognised for decades throughout the world of wine as Australias finest Pinot Noir, the wines of Bass Phillip offer superb complexity, length of flavour, delicacy, power and cellaring potential. Made in a simple and traditional manner, with low cropped vineyards, no irrigation and minimal intervention in the winery, the wines of Bass Phillip display flavours which are characteristic of the region and their individual vineyards. The Bass Phillip Estate vineyard at Leongatha South became the first commercial vineyard in South Gippsland. The region is famous for its fertility, moderately high rainfall and high quality dairy farming.
About Bay of Fires Winery
Bay of Fires was born of a desire to make cool climate wines of classical structure, combining fruit intensity with refinement, complexity and persistence of flavour
The group winemaking team at Hardys identified, back in 1994, the regions they believed would make cool climate wines of classical structure, combining fruit intensity with refinement, complexity and persistence of flavour - the ultimate expression and grape and region. Tasmania's potential for the production of classic, cool climate grape varieties was clearly evident. Their vision has come to fruition with the success of Bay of Fires, Tigress and Arras.
About Beblenheim Wines
More About Bekkers Winery
The Bekkers story is born of a rare connection with nature, as articulated by a world of experience
One of McLaren Vale’s oldest and distinguished wineries was the setting for a chance meeting between a young French winemaker and newly graduated Australian viticulturist. Emmanuelle and Toby Bekkers have lived, worked and raised a family amongst the vineyards of McLaren Vale. For over 25 years, Emmanuelle and Toby have travelled regularly to Europe to visit an extensive network of esteemed wine makers and industry friends. After each trip they return with new inspirations and an appreciation of the traditional, timeless methods. This serves to enhance a rare and special commitment to producing McLaren Vale wines of the highest quality.
About Bellarmine Winery
Bellarmine produces a range of wines which are made from grapes grown on its picturesque estate in the cool climate region of Pemberton in Western Australia
Bellarmine Vineyard was planted in 2000 and is owned by a German doctor, Dr Willi Schumacher and his wife Gudrun Schumacher. The Schumachers are passionate about great wine and searched the world for a place to plant vines before they chose what has become the Bellarmine property. The vineyard is an elevated site with gravelly laterite soils. Since the first vintage in 2004, Bellarmine has been consistently producing stunning wines. Bellarmine Wines is rated 5 stars out of five by renowned wine reviewer James Halliday.
More About Bellingham Winery
Bellingham Estate is located at Arthur's Seat adjacent to Main Ridge on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula
Established by Moorooduc Estate's chief winemaker, Bellingham Estate vineyard is one of the highest sites on Mornington Peninsula, a location that's ideal for the production of cool climate wines. Bellingham remains a small, family run operation which has earned an enviable reputation for some of the region's finest wines. After many vintages of making Mornington's most successful brands, including Main Ridge and Ten Minutes by Tractor, Bellingham can focus on treating the pick of Mornington's harvest with the most atisanal standards of winemaking.
More on the Bellussi Winery
Between the 2 and the 11 september 2005 the Forum has been kept to Valdobbiadene Sparkling wines of Italy, the only event of exclusive reference for tipologie VSQPRD and VSQ of all the Italian territory!
In the context of the manifestation the quarter has been kept also edition of the Enologico Competition Sparkling wines of Italy, than thanks to one giuria highly characterized it has assigned the Tapes of Silver, first absolute prizes of the several categories, and Diplomas of merit, for the sparkling wines that have exceeded the score established from the Commission.
About Bellvale Winery
Established 1998, Bellvale are a family owned winery vineyard operated by principal, winemaker and viticulturalist, John Ellis
Situated along the lush Tarwin River valley of South Gippsland, the area is acknowledged as one of Australia's best Pinot-Noir producing regions. This is reflected in Bellvale's numerous international and national awards over the last decade. The name, Bellvale, is derived from the Ellis family's rich agricultural heritage, which may be traced back to a farm in Nieuw Amsterdam (the New York area), in the late 1600s. The Bellvale label features two majestic oak trees that grace the centre of its vineyard. Exposure to Australian wines sparked an interest in terroir down under. What followed was a lengthy period of research and the selection of South Gippsland's cool climate. John now produces wines that are acknowledged as some of the regions finest, in keeping with the premium producers of the Burgundy region.
More on the Benjamin Leroux Winery
Benjamin Leroux
About Beresford Winery
Formed in 1985, Beresford Wines has established itself in 15 export markets and has received numerous prestigious show awards both nationally and internationally
Beresford wines are hand-crafted to capture the Essence of McLaren Vale. The wines offer consistent quality that epitomise the ambience and character of the McLaren Vale region. Each wine has been made with the same attention to detail that ensures the elements of richness, warmth, character, soul and depth are there for everyone to enjoy. When you open a bottle of Beresford wine you are sharing the hard work, skills, experience, creativity and passion of a dedicated team of people. This has taken Beresford Wines to where it is today.
More About Bernhard Ott Wines
Bernhard Ott
About the Berrys Bridge Winery
The partnership of Roger Milner and Jane Holt emerged out of a juncture in mineral exploration and lead to vintages at Passing Clouds and Chateau Reynella
They selected a site just outside of the main nexus of Pyrenees estates to plant vines. Ironically settling on the very terrain operated a century earlier by a Mr Berry who had also planted Shiraz. George Berry started his vineyard and orchard in 1862 on the banks of Carapooee Creek. Whilst some rootstock 110 to 140 years old can still be found, today's Berry Bridge are the fruit of plantings by Jane Holt and Roger Milner. Milner developed his passion for viticulture after several vintages at Chateau Reynella in the 1970s. He joined forces with Holt BAppSc(WineSc) & AssocDegAppSc(Wine-growing), and happily took on the challenge of re-developing the site.
More About Besserat De Bellefon Wines
Besserat De Bellefon
More About Bests Winery
Three superior old vineyard sites - the secret behind Bests Wines
Best's Victorian enterprise comprises three sister vineyards: The Grand Matriarch and headquarters, Concongella at Great Western, St Andrew's at Lake Boga and the baby Salvation Hills at Rhymney Reef. Each vineyard produces distinctly different grape characteristics from vines aged from five to 135 years. Together they add fascinating facets, contrasts and diversity to Bests stable of wine. Twenty-one hectare Concongella, enjoys a cool temperate climate.
About Bethany Wines
Johann Gottlob Schrapel and his family arrived in South Australia from Silesia on the ship George Washington in 1844, just eight years after the colony was settled
Like many of their fellow Germanic migrants they made their way by ox cart to Bethany, the Barossa Valley’s first settlement, where they established a home and cleared the land to grow crops and graze animals. The Schrapels planted their first vineyard in 1852 from cuttings carefully nursed from Europe. A wine cellar was also built, but despite Johann’s reputation as an early colonial winemaker, the family concentrated on grape growing rather than winemaking for the next four generations. More than a century later in 1981, Johann’s fifth generation descendants, brothers Geoff and Robert Schrapel, established Bethany Wines in a quarry, where the pioneers had hewn stone for their homes, high in the Barossa Ranges overlooking the family’s vineyards and the historic village of Bethany.
More on the Bidgeebong Winery
Bidgeebong's wines come from the south-west slopes of NSW, an area emerging as the source for some of Australia's most interesting and exciting premium and super-premium wines
The Bidgeebong Triangle encompasses three distinct districts, Tumbarumba in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains, the Hilltops district centred on the town of Young, and the Murrumbidgee plain around Gundagai on the Hume Highway about half way between Sydney and Melbourne. The name Bidgeebong is a combination of Murrumbidgee and Billabong. The Murrumbidgee River is the lifeline of the region. Billabongs meaning places of still water in the Wiradjuri language, were the gathering or meeting places of the original owners of the area, the Wiradjuri tribe. The Wiradjuri occupied this land from time immemorial until Irish farmers established and named the first stations here in the 1800s.
Bidgeebong Triangle Chardonnay»
Tumbarumba Hilltops Gundagai
About Bila Haut Winery
Bila Haut
More About Billecart Salmon Wines
Billecart Salmon
More About Bimbadgen Estate Wines
High on a hill overlooking the beautiful Hunter Valley.
A state-of-the-art winery. An imposing bell tower. Spacious tasting rooms. Magnificent cellars. Bimbadgen Estate. Dedicated to the art of wine. Bimbadgen Estate Winery is situated two hour's drive north-west of Sydney in the picturesque Hunter Valley, Australia's oldest premium wine producing region.
More on the Bindi Winery
Bindi are one of Australia's most exciting new wineries. Critical acclaim is overwhelming, production is tiny and demand always outstrips supply
It's all about the environment and care for the land. The Bindi property is situated 50 kilometers northwest of Melbourne in the Macedon Ranges. Originally purchased in the 1950s as part of the larger grazing farm Bundaleer, Bindi is a 170 hectare farm of which 6 hectares are planted to Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Fifteen hectares are dedicated to managed plantation eucalypts for high grade furniture timber whilst the remainder of the land is maintained as remnant bush land and important indigenous grasslands. The Bindi vineyard is the fundamental focus of endeavors. The vineyard and winemaking philosophy seeks balance and purity in the expression of each individual vineyard site and this philosophy is applied to farming and conservation across the entire property, the preservation of natural harmony.
About the Bird In Hand Winery
In 1997, an unassuming young viticulturalist and winemaker, Andrew Nugent, chanced his arm in the emerging wine region of the Adelaide Hills
Nugent grew up next door to Penfolds at Magill and his formative wine years were spent in South Australia's McLaren Vale. It was here that he honed his craft as a viticulturalist, vineyard manager and winemaker. In 1997, Nugent planted vineyards and an olive grove on 100 acres on Bird in Hand Road, Woodside. The road itself was named after the Bird in Hand gold mine that operated in the district in the 1850s. The Nugent family now live and work on the picturesque property, reflecting the strong sense of community in the Adelaide Hills.
About Biscarelle Wines
About Biserno Wines
About the Black Tower Winery
Black Tower
About the Blackjack Winery
BlackJack Vineyards is situated on the granitic soil of the Harcourt Valley in the Bendigo Wine Region of Central Victoria
BlackJack was the name given to an American sailor who, during the goldrush era of the1850s jumped ship and found his way to the Castlemaine goldfields. A road adjacent to BlackJack Vineyards still bears his name. Perhaps following a similar dream but in search of liquid gold, the McKenzie and Pollock families planted their first vines in 1988. Further planting in 1989 completed the initial four-hectare vineyard development of mainly Shiraz and Cabernet with a small area of Merlot.
About Blain Gagnard Winery
Blain Gagnard
Blain Gagnard Batard-Montrachet Grand Cru»
Blain Gagnard Batard-Montrachet Grand Cru»
Blain Gagnard Batard-Montrachet Grand Cru»
Blain Gagnard Batard-Montrachet Grand Cru 375ml»
Blain Gagnard Batard-Montrachet Grand Cru 3L JEROBOAM»
Blain Gagnard Batard-Montrachet Grand Cru 3L JEROBOAM»
Blain Gagnard Chassagne Montrachet Caillerets 1er Cru»
Blain Gagnard Chassagne Montrachet Clos Saint Jean Blanc 1er Cru»
Blain Gagnard Chassagne Montrachet Clos Saint Jean Rouge 1er Cru»
Blain Gagnard Chassagne-Montrachet 375ml»
Blain Gagnard Chassagne-Montrachet Boudriotte 1er Cru»
Blain Gagnard Chassagne-Montrachet Boudriotte 1er Cru 2008»
Blain Gagnard Chassagne-Montrachet Caillerets 1er Cru 375ml»
Blain Gagnard Chassagne-Montrachet Clos St Jean Blanc 1er Cru 1.5L MAGNUM»
Blain Gagnard Chassagne-Montrachet Clos St Jean Blanc 1er Cru 3L JEROBOAM»
Blain Gagnard Chassagne-Montrachet Clos St Jean Blanc 1er Cru 3L JEROBOAM»
Blain Gagnard Chassagne-Montrachet Morgeot 1er Cru»
Blain Gagnard Chassagne-Montrachet Morgeot 1er Cru 1.5L MAGNUM»
Blain Gagnard Chassagne-Montrachet Morgeot 1er Cru 2008»
Blain Gagnard Criots-Batard-Montrachet Grand Cru»
Blain Gagnard Criots-Batard-Montrachet Grand Cru»
Blain Gagnard Criots-Batard-Montrachet Grand Cru 1.5L MAGNUM»
Blain Gagnard Criots-Batard-Montrachet Grand Cru 1.5L MAGNUM 2008»
Blain Gagnard Criots-Batard-Montrachet Grand Cru 375ml»
Blain Gagnard Criots-Batard-Montrachet Grand Cru 375ml»
Blain Gagnard Criots-Batard-Montrachet Grand Cru 375ml»
Blain Gagnard Criots-Batard-Montrachet Grand Cru 3L JEROBOAM»
Blain Gagnard Criots-Batard-Montrachet Grand Cru 3L JEROBOAM»
Blain Gagnard Le Montrachet Grand Cru 3L JEROBOAM»
Blain Gagnard Puligny Montrachet»
Blain Gagnard Puligny-Montrachet»
About Bleasdale Wines
Bleasdale is Australia's second oldest, still functioning family owned winery. Bleasdale's wines are the stuff of legend and receive accolades around the world every year
Established in 1850 by English migrant Frank Potts, the Bleasdale vineyards are situated on the fertile flood plains of the Bremer River which run parallel to Langhorne Creek. The area is a low rainfall, cool climate region which produces outstanding wines year after year. Ironically, it was Frank Potts abilities as a sailor that led him to Langhorne Creek to live the life of a landlubber. He saw the potential of the region when he explored it in the 1850s, convinced that the stands of tall red gums promised fertile soils and reliable water. Being a nautical man, it's not surprising that Frank Potts chose to plant a vineyard in a place that for a week or two occasionally becomes an inland sea. He planted his first vines in 1858 selling wine to Thomas Hardy, before expanding his holdings to 30 acres in the 1860s. Since Pott's founding efforts, Langhorne Creek's alluvial soils and favourably cool climate, nurtured by maritime breezes, has attracted many famous winemakers.
About Blue Pyrenees Winery
The Pyrenees region of Central Victoria is the third oldest of the State's vignobles
The mountain range was named by the noted explorer and surveyor Major Thomas Mitchell, for its raw beauty and similarities to the Pyrenees in south western France, where Mitchell had served as a young Army officer. The first grower of vines for winemaking in the Avoca area was a man named MacKereth, who planted his vines in 1848. His vineyards grew to supply the thirsty miners working in the then thriving old mining industry.
More on the Boat OCraigo Winery
Founded by Margaret and Steve Graham, Boat O' Craigo is a tight knit operation, spanning two generations, it is their labour of love that keeps the wine flowing
Boat O' Craigo's distinctive name echoes that given to a farm in the town of Craigo in Scotland. It's a place where ancestors settled alongside the docking point for the ferry that crossed the North Esk River. The Boat O’Craigo name and tradition have drifted across seas to settle and book end Victoria’s burgeoning Yarra Valley with two magnificent vineyards, one in Healesville and the other in Kangaroo Ground. One red, the other white. As with the ferry’s docking-point, it is here at the gateways to the Yarra Valley that the physical journey of travels ends, although the journey of the senses is only just beginning. Fifty acres of vines, spanning across two stunning sites, enables Boat O'Craigo to produce outstanding estate grown wines across a range of noble varieties.
About Bodegas Abad Wines
Bodegas Abad
About Bodegas Alion Wines
Bodegas Alion
About Bodegas Atalaya Wines
Bodegas Atalaya
About the Bodegas Ateca Winery
Bodegas Ateca
More About Bodegas Enguera Wines
Bodegas Enguera
More on the Bodegas Tridente Winery
Bodegas Tridente
More on the Boffa Winery
About Bollinger Winery
The history of Bollinger is that of a family in the Champagne region of France over the centuries.
The original winemakers -Hennequins- were landowners in Cramant as of 1585 in Cuis and Ay. In 1829, Athanase Hennequin de Villermont became partners with Paul Renaudin and Jacques Bollinger to found the Maison Bollinger in Ay.
About Bonacchi Wines
More About Bondar Wines
Bondar are a little winery headquarted at the iconic Rayner Vineyard, on the corner of Chalk Hill Road and Twentyeight Road in McLaren Vale
Bondar wines began its life in 2012, after a small group of family and friends hand picked a couple of tonnes of Shiraz grapes for their first ever wine. It was a beautiful, calm, warm summer's evening, and when the sun went down the McLaren Vale sky lit up with one of the most spectacularly beautiful sunsets they had ever seen. Bondar's Violet Hour Shiraz was born out of the inspiration from this magical moment. They have since won multiple trophies at the McLaren Vale Wine Shows and have been named one of the Top 50 Young Guns of Wine.
More About Bosca Verdi Wines
Bosca Verdi
More About Botobolar Wines
Australia's First Organic Vineyard
Botobolar's 22-hectare vineyard established in 1971 is Australia's oldest organic vineyard, the vines have always been grown organically without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers.
More on the Bottega Winery
About Botticella Winery
More on the Bouchard Pere et Fils Winery
Bouchard Pere et Fils
More About Bowen Estate Winery
Owned and operated by the Bowen family, Bowen Estate lies towards the southern end of the famous Coonawarra wine region
Proprietor/ winemakers Doug and Emma Bowen, graduated from Roseworthy College in 1971 and Charles Sturt University in 1996, respectively. Starting with bare paddocks that had until then been part of a dairy farm, the vineyard area was originally 12 hectares. Established in 1972 on prime Terra Rossa soil, the first vintage from Bowen Estate was 1975. The Cellar Door tasting and sales facility was opened to the public in 1977. The South Block, originally a sheep farm was purchased in 1986. In 1996 a property with some established vines, was purchased directly on their northern boundary.
More About Braccesca Wines
About Braided River Wines
The confluence of the might Wairau and Waihopai rivers is the site of the Braided River vineyards in Marlborough
Created over thousands of years, these vineyards showcase perfect soil structures and microclimates that consistently produce grapes with concentrated flavours and excellent varietal expression.
About Brands Laira Winery
The Laira Vineyard was established in 1893 on the Coonawarra’s famous terra rossa heartland
Brands Laira is today widely regarded as one of the region’s best plantings of Shiraz. With Shiraz being the only wine grape planted in Coonawarra from 1900 to 1950, the variety has played an important role in establishing Coonawarra’s international reputation as Australia’s pre-eminent red wine region.
About Braydun Hill Wines
Carol and Tony Bradley Dunn work on their own small acre vineyard and are devoted to exclusively producing the finest quality Shiraz
The philosophy at Braydun Hill is to do one thing well, and to excel at it. Experience gained at making hand made wines from fruit picked off hedgerows on the English countryside told Bradley-Dunn that Braydun Hill was the ideal grape growing site and lead to vines being planted in 1998. The vineyard is 10 beautiful acres of gentle north facing slopes on a rare patch of Paringa sandy loam over clay in the McLaren Vale, perfect for quality grape vines. The natural sloping of the Braydun Hill's terrain provides for quality ripening. The ocean breezes and maritime climate cool the summer sun and help keep the vines from the mildew and other diseases that more protected vineyards often suffer. This means that Braydun Hill's winemakers have never used any pesticides in the vineyard and have no need for artificial chemicals.
More About Bream Creek Winery
Overlooking the breathtaking seascape of Marion Bay and Maria Island, Bream Creek is one of the first commercial vineyards planted in Tasmania
The original consortium in 1973 planted 5 hectare of vines consisting mainly of Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon, with some Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Gewurztraminer. In August 1990, the vineyard was purchased by Fred Peacock - one of Tasmania’s leading viticulturalists. Fred’s priority was to increase Pinot Noir plantings and introduce Sauvignon Blanc and Schonburger (the first commercial plantings in the Southern Hemisphere.) The Riesling vines are now over 30 years old, some of the oldest commercial vines in Tasmania. With Fred’s dedication and passion, the vineyard is now a 7.5 hectare showcase of premium Tasmanian varieties.
About Bremerton Winery
Bremerton is a living example of how premium wines can only come from premium grapes
The cool climate region of Langhorne Creek, just 70km South East of Adelaide, South Australia, produces some of the finest fruit in Australia. Langhorne Creek is less than an hour from Adelaide via Mt. Barker. If you're travelling from the eastern states it's a great alternative route to Adelaide, the Fleurieu Peninsula or even Kangaroo Island. Bremerton Wines is located on the main road (Strathalbyn Road) and is well signposted.
More on the Brent Marris Winery
Separated by the Tasman Sea but united by a passion for creating exceptional wines, the De Bortoli and Marris families have come together to write an exciting new chapter in the Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc story
Marlborough winemaker Brent Marris and leading Australian winemaker Darren De Bortoli embarked on a project that was the culmination of much planning. Two renowned winemaking families from either side of the Tasman, have combined their impressive winemaking skills to produce a world class Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.
3 Tales Sauvignon Blanc»
Marlborough Wairau Waihopai
The Ned Sauvignon Blanc 2010»
More on the Bress Winery
The winemaking team at Bress subscribe to a number of fundamental philosophies that underpin what it is they do and how it is done
Firstly, to farm in a sustainable manner that is environmentally sound. At Bress this is achieved by using Biodynamic farming practices: Biodynamic farming was developed in the mid 1920s by Rudolph Steiner and advocates the non use of synthetic herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers. Rather than using these products, composting and mulching are used on the farm to build up soil organic matter, which improves soil moisture retention. Natural biodynamic preparations500 through to 508 are used to improve soil vitality and plant health.
About the Brezza Winery
About the Bridgewater Mill Winery
The unique combination of the Adelaide Hills chilly climate, diverse soils and natural elevation all play a major part in making the Bridgewater Mill wines so special
Made by the Petaluma winemaking team, Bridgewater Mill is focussed on producing cool climate Adelaide Hills wines. When coupled with the winemaker's integrity and focus on preserving the cool, crisp fruit from vineyard to bottle, what ends up on your table is a sophisticated yet simple wine designed to enjoy and to share. The perfect accompaniment to any meal, whether you're fine dining or lunching with friends.
More About Brokenwood Winery
Established in 1970, Brokenwood Wines has evolved from a weekend venture for self-professed hobby winemakers into one of Australia's most reputable wine labels
Brokenwood was founded by a trio of Sydney-based solicitors, Tony Albert, John Beeston and James Halliday, who paid a then record price of $970 per acre for a 10-acre block in the foothills of the Brokenback Ranges. The original block - originally planned as a cricket ground for the local community was planted with Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz.
More on the Brookland Valley Winery
Brookland Valley estate wines are grown on the sunny ridge of an ancient landform through which a small brook known as the Wilyabrup flows to the nearby sea
The spectacular valley, set against a gently undulating landscape, offers protection from the winds and warmth for the vines, a perfect viticultural microclimate. Vineyard management, built on principles of sustainability and incorporating agricultural craft that relies on a respect for the soil and the environment, rewards Brookland Valley with wines of quality and elegance.
More About Brothers in Arms Winery
Although Metala was settled in the mid 1850’s on the banks of the river Bremer and is a 5th Generation vineyard with a long and proud family history, it has been the brothers who made it what it is today
The vineyard comprises 750 acres of vines composed predominantly of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon with a small area of Chardonnay. The Adams family have broad acre farming and merino sheep breeding for wool and meat production. Brother Guy Adams manages the Vineyard and supplies various wine companies with high quality fruit. Particularly Beringer Blass who produce the estate label Metala which has been made for over 40 years. Wine had been made in the stone cellars at Metala from the late 1890s and then in 1910, through family connections Stonyfell took over, still using the original open fermenters and cellars.
About Brown Brothers Wines
In 1885 John Francis Brown, aged 18 planted ten acres of mostly Riesling, Muscat and Shiraz grapes on his Milawa property, located in the lower reaches of the King Valley in North East Victoria
Milawa Vineyard is the birth place of the Brown Brothers company, the first Brown Brothers wines were released in 1889. Surrounding the cellar door, Milawa Vineyard is the fruit source for renowned wines such as Patricia Noble Riesling, Shiraz Mondeuse & Cabernet and Dolcetto. It is also home to Brown Brothers’ winemaking facilities where grapes are received, crushed and made into quality wine. The current expanse of Brown Brothers vineyards, now located throughout Victoria, are as varied as the wines and wine styles.
Brown Brothers Australian Tawny Port»
Brown Brothers Cienna»
Brown Brothers Cienna Piccolo 200ml»
Brown Brothers Crouchen Riesling 2016»
Brown Brothers Crouchen Riesling Rose 2015»
Murray King
Brown Brothers Crouchen Sauvignon Blanc 2014»
Murray King
Brown Brothers Dolcetto Syrah 2016»
Milawa Heathcote
Brown Brothers Everton White 2008»
Brown Brothers King Valey Prosecco»
Brown Brothers Late Pick Orange Muscat Flora 2012»
Brown Brothers Lexia 2016»
Brown Brothers Limited Release Durif»
Brown Brothers Limited Release Gamay»
Brown Brothers Limited Release Malbec»
Brown Brothers Limited Release Montepulciano»
Brown Brothers Moscato 2015»
Brown Brothers Moscato Gold»
Brown Brothers Moscato Rosa 2015»
Brown Brothers Moscato Rose Gold 2014»
Brown Brothers Patricia Cabernet Sauvignon»
Brown Brothers Patricia Chardonnay»
Brown Brothers Patricia Merlot 2004»
Pyrenees Beechworth
Brown Brothers Patricia Noble Riesling 375ml»
Brown Brothers Patricia Pinot Chardonnay Brut»
Brown Brothers Patricia Shiraz»
Brown Brothers Pinot Chardonnay Meunier NV»
Brown Brothers Pinot Rose 2006»
Brown Brothers Single Vineyard Prosecco»
Brown Brothers Single Vineyard Shiraz Mondeuse Cabernet»
Brown Brothers Sparkling Moscato»
Brown Brothers Sparkling Moscato Piccolo 200ml»
Brown Brothers Sparkling Moscato Pink Piccolo 200ml»
Brown Brothers Sparkling Moscato Rosa»
Brown Brothers Summer Edition Prosecco»
Brown Brothers Summer Edition Prosecco Rose»
Brown Brothers Tarrango 2014»
Brown Brothers Ten Acres Shiraz»
Brown Brothers Very Old Port»
Brown Brothers Winemakers Shiraz»
Brown Brothers Winemakers Tempranillo Graciano»
Brown Brothers Zibibbo Rosa»
Brown Brothers Zibibbo Sparkling»
Murray Milawa
About Browns of Padthaway Wines
Browns of Padthaway have distinct taste, exhibiting varietal characteristics typical of the cool climate Padthaway wine region, this unique family owned winery continues to increase in popularity
Five generations of agriculture expertise has made Browns of Padthaway one of the few private family labels producing premium quality wines in this unique region. Their commitment has not gone unnoticed by some of the world’s top wine watchers. Decanter billed Browns of Padthaway one of the 21 Hottest Wineries to Watch in its 21st Century Edition.
More on the Bruno Clair Winery
Bruno Clair
More About Bruno Colin Wines
Bruno Colin
Bruno Colin Chassagne Montrachet Boudriotte 1er Cru»
Bruno Colin Chassagne Montrachet Boudriotte 1er Cru»
Bruno Colin Chassagne Montrachet La Maltroie 1er Cru»
Bruno Colin Chassagne Montrachet La Maltroie 1er Cru»
Bruno Colin Chassagne Montrachet La Maltroie 1er Cru»
Bruno Colin Chassagne Montrachet La Maltroie 1er Cru 2007»
Bruno Colin Chassagne Montrachet La Maltroie 1er Cru 2008»
Bruno Colin Chassagne Montrachet La Maltroie 1er Cru 2009»
Bruno Colin Chassagne Montrachet Les Chaumees 1er Cru»
Bruno Colin Chassagne Montrachet Les Chaumees 1er Cru»
Bruno Colin Chassagne Montrachet Les Chaumees 1er Cru»
Bruno Colin Chassagne Montrachet Les Chaumees 1er Cru»
Bruno Colin Chassagne Montrachet Les Chaumees 1er Cru 2007»
Bruno Colin Chassagne Montrachet Les Chaumees 1er Cru 2009»
Bruno Colin Chassagne Montrachet Les Vergers 1er Cru»
Bruno Colin Chassagne Montrachet Les Vergers 1er Cru»
Bruno Colin Chassagne Montrachet Les Vergers 1er Cru»
Bruno Colin Chassagne Montrachet Les Vergers 1er Cru 2007»
Bruno Colin Chassagne Montrachet Les Vergers 1er Cru 2009»
Bruno Colin Chassagne Montrachet Morgeot 1er Cru»
Bruno Colin Chassagne Montrachet Morgeot 1er Cru»
Bruno Colin Chassagne Montrachet Morgeot 1er Cru 2007»
Bruno Colin Chassagne Montrachet Morgeot 1er Cru 2008»
Bruno Colin Chassagne Montrachett La Maltroie 1er Cru»
Bruno Colin Chassagne Montrachett Les Chenevottes 1er Cru»
More About Buckshot Wines
Buckshot are a family owned and operated vineyard winery amongst the famous Terra Rosa soils of Heathcote
Heathcote is an amazing place to grow grapes, long warm days and cool, clear nights provide a perfect climate for wines of powerful structure and fragrant perfumed fruit characters. Buckshot strive to create distinctive Heathcote wines which reflect the soil in which they come from. The wines of Buckshot show intense varietal aromas and flavours, balanced weight and mouthfeel, and a long silky finish. There are two wines released each year, Shiraz from a distinct 5 acre patch and a Zinfandel from a tiny single acre plot. Both are planted to the famous 500 million year old Cambrian quartz and ironstone soils which have made Heathcote famous throughout the world of wine.
About the Buller Winery
After a distinguished career in the Royal Australian Navy, Reginald Langdon Buller in 1921 took up land at Rutherglen in the winegrowing region of North East Victoria
The Rutherglen winegrowing region was then, as it is now, famous for its fortified wines, Muscats, and full bodied red wines. Reginald Buller called his vineyard Calliope after the British warship. Producing delicious luscious wines and gutsy, full-bodied reds, the backbone of this vineyard is Rutherglen Shiraz. Old Shiraz vines at Calliope are not irrigated so yields are low at about one tonne to the acre. Consequently the fruit from this vineyard produces intensely flavoured wines, but in rather small quantities, that Andrew Buller crafts into wines of great depth and elegance. There are also small plantings of some of the rarer varieties including Mondeuse and Cinsaut.
More on the By Farr Winery
None of the By Farr wines are mainstream, they are an expressions of the vineyard - earth and dirt are what Nick and Gary Farr like to drink - that's what they promise to deliver
Gary was the winemaker at Bannockburn Vineyards since its inception in 1978 and gained an enviable reputation for Bannockburn Wines and more recently, his own By Farr wines. His experience as a hands-on winemaker has been enhanced by 12 vintages at Domain Dujac in Burgundy, France, and vintages in the USA at Cristom, Oregon and Calera, California. He has made numerous sojourns to other areas such as the Rhone Valley in France, where his appreciation of Shiraz and Voignier has been incorporated in his current winemaking.