Etko St Nicholas Commandaria
Fruit Mavro Xynisteri
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The Commandaria region is on the island of Cyprus, where Controlled Appellation of Origin vineyards grow the peculiar Mavro and Xynisteri grapes. The dessert wine to be fashioned from these unique varietals is endowed with a bouquet and palate reminiscent of honey. The poet Hesiod described the process of sun drying grapes to make this style of wine in 735 BC. When the Knights Templar built Kolossi castle in 1191 AD, they developed a palate for Commandaria and ordered quantities to be exported all over Europe.
Following harvest, grapes are spread out and exposed to the sun, which concentrates the flavours and heightens natural sugar profiles. Fruit is pressed, vinified and aged in large, well seasoned wooden barrels. In ancient times, tradition tells us that Commandaria was called mother and was matured in giant earthenware jars. Treated to a system of rackings and made ready for market, a portion is always left in the bottom of the vessel, to assist in the ageing of the next batch of wine. It is entirely possible that the Commandaria you drink today contains a component you may be sharing with the poet Homer, the Pharaohs of Egypt or Kings of the Middle Ages. Alcohol 15.0%
A deeply coloured wine. Alluring fragrances of apricot and honey, peaches and vanilla, praline and toast. A rich malty palate with brown sugar/ caramel characters through a light texture. Rancio and citrus fruits, sweet exotic spice with cherry, the savouryness of black pudding and tang of dried citrus peel before a long, everlasting finish.
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