Mornington PeninsulaVictoria
 Yering Station
Yering Station is Victoria's first ever vineyard, planted in 1838 in the heart of the Yarra Valley
The Scottish-born Ryrie brothers ventured into the Yarra Valley as they moved their cattle south from Sydney. Taking up a grazing license of 43 000 acres, they named the property Yering, its Aboriginal name. The Ryrie's planted two varieties, the Black Cluster of Hamburg and a white grape variety called Sweetwater. During the early 1850s they returned to Sydney and Paul de Castella took ownership of Yering Station, developing the property from what remained primarily a cattle station into a landmark of winemaking in Victoria.
 Yal Yal
Yal Yal Estate is a picturesque, boutique estate vineyard, planted to some spectacular terroirs on Mornington Peninsula
Yal Yal vineyard is tucked away into the valley amongst the rolling hills of Merricks. Only a five minute drive to the beach, the property gently slopes down the hill and abuts twenty acres of untrammeled bush, which is largely impenetrable and full of native animals and bird life. The vineyard resounds with the sounds of kookaburra's calling and koala's seeking their mates. An old wallaby can often be found at dusk hopping between the vines. Working closely alongside renowned winemaker Sandro Mosele, Liz and Simon Gillies launched the Yal Yal Road label in 2010.

Mornington Peninsula Wines by Yal Yal

Yal Yal Rd Mornington Chardonnay 2012»
Yal Yal Rd Mornington Pinot Gris 2013»
Yal Yal Rd Mornington Pinot Noir 2013»
 Yabby Lake
Yabby Lake Vineyard was established in 1998 on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, with the long-term goal of producing benchmark wines from the Burgundian varieties Pinot Noir and Chardonnay
Yabby Lake Vineyard is owned by Robert and Mem Kirby who have been intimately involved in the Mornington Peninsula region for decades. The Kirbys are joined by two outstanding and renowned winemakers: Group Winemaker Tod Dexter and Consulting Winemaker Larry McKenna. Tod and Larry are known for their relaxed and unassuming personalities, and they apply the same approach to their winemaking: they work with the grapes to develop beautiful and distinctly superior wines that are truly expressive of Yabby Lake Vineyard. The first vintage from Yabby Lake Vineyard was produced in 2002.

Mornington Peninsula Wines by Yabby Lake

Red Claw Chardonnay»
Red Claw Pinot Gris»
Red Claw Pinot Noir»
Yabby Lake Block 6 Chardonnay»
Yabby Lake Block 6 Pinot Noir»
Yabby Lake Chardonnay»
Yabby Lake Chardonnay 375ml»
Yabby Lake Pinot Gris»
Yabby Lake Pinot Noir»
Yabby Lake Pinot Noir 375ml»
Yabby Lake Roc Shiraz 2004»
Yabby Lake Single Vineyard Cuvee Nina»
Yabby Lake Syrah»

Other Wines by Yabby Lake

Pink Claw Grenache Rose»
Red Claw Heathcote Shiraz»
 Willow Creek
You can feel the history of Willow Creek as you pass through the red brick gate posts and catch your first glimpse of the homestead circa 1880
Willow Creek Vineyard is an estate of 12 hectares spreading across three slopes of undulating hills at Merricks North in the renowned cool climate region of Mornington Peninsula. The estate lies in the rain shadow, north east of Red Hill at an altitude of between 80 and 100 metres. It is slightly warmer and drier while still retaining the maritime influence. This provides a long cool ripening season, intense varietal characters, high natural acidity and fine tannins.

Mornington Peninsula Wines by Willow Creek

Willow Creek Chardonnay»
Willow Creek Pinot Noir»
Underground are inspired by the possibilities of unexplored combinations, Underground seek to express the fundamental qualities of the grape
Underground Winemakers was established in 2006 at Mt Eliza by former T’Gallant employees, Adrian Hennessy, Peter Stebbing, and Jonothan Stephens. At that time the venture had no resources other than a collective wine industry experience of over 30 years and a resourceful, hands on determination. The vision was simple; source the right grapes and make quality, approachable wines which are true to style and expressive of variety. Underground take pride in their hands on approarch to vitticulture and winemaking, offering a range of individual, expressive wines which are true to variety and an honest reflection of the land.

Mornington Peninsula Wines by Underground

Underground Black White Pinot Noir 2013»
 Tucks Ridge
They say that it is the people who make a winery. Sure a winery is about the vine and the wine, the terroir and the climate, but never underestimate the importance of the hand of man
People are the heart and soul of Tuck's Ridge. People tend the vines lovingly throughout the year. People meld and coerce the finest qualities out of the fruit and after all it is people that meet you with a smile and a glass of Vues Sparkling when you walk in our front door. So who are these people.? Peter Hollick and Helen Pattison own Tuck's Ridge. They are often around the place but most of the time they are enjoying the experience in much the same way you all do, appreciating fine wines. It has been a labour of love for Peter and Helen but one that they have both confronted with loyalty, honesty and a glass of Pinot Noir never far from hand.

Mornington Peninsula Wines by Tucks Ridge

Tucks Ridge Chardonnay 2015»
 Ten Minutes By Tractor
Ten Minutes By Tractor are focused on the highest quality fruit to make wines which are a compelling expression of the Mornington Peninsula
Ten Minutes By Tractor grow Pinot Noir and Chardonnay on all three of their home vineyards, each of which are ten minutes by tractor apart. The McCutcheon, Wallis and Judd vineyards are all within the Main Ridge subregion, one of the coolest and highest parts of the Mornington Peninsula. In addition to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Tempranillo are also grown on the Wallis Vineyard and Sauvignon Blanc on the Judd Vineyard. The team meticulously manage their three vineyards to vertical shoot positioning, leaf plucking, hedging, bunch thinning and harvesting, all of which are done by hand.

Mornington Peninsula Wines by Ten Minutes By Tractor

Ten Minutes By Tractor 10X Pinot Noir 2013»
 Tar Roses
Don Lewis joined Colin Preece for Mitchelton's first vintage in 1973, and assumed the winemaker's mantle in 1974 when Preece retired
After thirty years of leadership at Mitchelton and auspicious winemaking in the Spanish region of Priorat, 150 kilometres south-west of Barcelona, Don Lewis made the decision to pursue the Tar & Roses label, a collaboration with protegee Narelle King. Lewis adores the tannins, structure and distinct expressiveness of Spanish wines. Grapes are from vines grown to elite Heathcote vineyards, much of which must be hand picked, all components are treated separately during their fermentation and maturation. The larger volume of shiraz comes from richer Cambrian soils, while the smaller parcel is grown to much tougher grantic soils.
 T Gallant
T'Gallant is the sailor's abbreviation for topgallant, the top sail of square-rigger sailing ships
T'Gallant connotes the peak, the best, the epitome. T'Gallant's winemaking philosophy is the same. Their range of wines exude a vibrant, eccentric personality and an impeccable sense of style. Built on a tradition of exceptional Pinot varieties - Grigio, Gris and Noir - T'Gallant wines support a vision for the creation of great Australian Pinot.

Mornington Peninsula Wines by T Gallant

T Gallant Imogen Pinot Gris»
T Gallant Juliet Moscato»
T Gallant Juliet Pinot Grigio»
T Gallant Pink Moscato»
T Gallant Prosecco DOC»
T Gallant Sparkling Pink Moscato»

Other Wines by T Gallant

T Gallant Juliet Sauvignon Chenin Blanc 2008»
Strathbogie Barossa
In 1978, Brian Stonier and his wife Noel established the Stonier vineyard in the coastal town of Merricks, one hour southeast of Melbourne, ten minutes from the challenging surf beaches of Bass Straight
Decades later, the name Stonier is widely recognised as a producer of exceptional Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. At the heart of Stonier lies a meticulous approach to viticulture and winemaking. A desire to reflect the imprint of each site, through subtle variations in flavour and texture, interweaving these differences to form elegant wines of seamless complexity has earned Stonier a place amongst the best Pinot Noir and Chardonnay producers in Australia. Stonier sources Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from over 150 acres across 5 selected sub-regions; Merricks North, Balnarring, Tuerong, Red Hill and at the estate vineyards in Merricks which span over 50 acres.
Passion for wine is in the Scorpo blood, a family tradition stretching across continents and generations, from Sicily to Sardinia and Australia
The Scorpo family vineyard in Merricks North on the Mornington Peninsula, combines old world practices with new world flavours. Scorpo Wines combines the family heritage with expertise in growing premium grapes, meticulous attention to site selection, and a best practice approach to vineyard management and processes, trusting the old axiom that great fruit makes great wine. After extensively researching the Mornington Peninsula’s cool, maritime microclimates, Scorpo knew this area was the perfect place for our project. Driving through the ridge systems on the Peninsula one day in 1996, they happened upon a For Sale sign on a parcel of a defunct cherry and apple orchard originally planted in the 1900s, nestled in the rolling hills, halfway between Port Phillip Bay and Westernport. Amongst, the pine trees, abandoned stables, machinery sheds and Welsh ponies, they could see the untapped potential of this site.
 Red Hill Estate
Red Hill Estate is a boutique Australian multi-award winning wine producer situated on a stunning property on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula
Established in 1989, Red Hill Estate boasts one of the best views from any winery in the world and is therefore a much desired tourist destination, renowned for its superb panoramic views of Western Port Bay and its mild maritime climate. This cool climate is perfect for growing Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and a variety of other grapes that are used to produce still and sparkling table wines of the highest quality.

Mornington Peninsula Wines by Red Hill Estate

Red Hill Estate Mornington Chardonnay»
Red Hill Estate Pinot Noir»
 Rahona Valley
Rahona Valley Wines is nestled within the elevated aspects of Red Hill which overlooks Mount Martha and Port Phillip Bay in the west, Point Leo and Westernport Bay to the east
The estate's wines are all produced from a single four acre vineyard in a small valley at Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula. The conditions are excellent, deep, well drained red basalt soils nurture the vines, as the cool maritime climes lead to a long, slow ripening period. Starting from scratch in 1991, the north facing 1.6 hectare vineyard surrounded by bushland now has 5000 hand tended vines of mostly Pinot Noir with a small block of Pinot Meunier. Here at Rahona Valley, the vines are mature and the drinkers are noticing the difference. All vines are own rooted, so provided there are a couple more generations of dedicated vignerons and winemakers, characteristics should compare with Burgundy. Rahona Valley's best wines are aged in the barrel for 18 months or more, whereas the normal process is to bottle after 12 months so that barrels can be reused for the next harvest.

Mornington Peninsula Wines by Rahona Valley

Rahona Valley Pinot Noir»
 Portsea Estate
Portsea Estate vineyard is located on the century old Tintagel property overlooking Bass Strait at the very tip of Victoria's Mornington Peninsula
Founder Warwick Ross's family has had strong ties with the Portsea/Sorrento area since the late 1800s, when grandfather Dr. Frederick Kiel travelled regularly by paddle steamer as a young man from Melbourne to spend his summers at Sorrento. The Kiel family acquired Pembroke, an historic limestone cottage on Melbourne Road, as their summer residence, which remained in the family until the 1970s. The Kiels acquired the 40 acre Tintagel farm on Portsea Ocean Beach in 1956, a place of undulating paddocks and sweeping views of tempestuous Bass Strait. The subsequent acquisition of the adjoining 106 acres from the Baillieu family in the 1960s allowed the Ross family to expand their cattle grazing activities with the introduction of Angus and Hereford herds.

Mornington Peninsula Wines by Portsea Estate

Portsea Back Beach Chardonnay»
Portsea Back Beach Pinot Noir»
Portsea Estate Chardonnay»
Portsea Estate Pinot Gris»
Portsea Estate Pinot Noir»
Portsea Pinot Noir Rose»
 Port Phillip Estate
Port Phillip Estate was established in 1987 at Red Hill on Victoria's Mornington peninsula
This precious vineyard is part of the Gjergja family domain, which also includes Kooyong vineyard and winery, winemaker is Sandro Mosele. The 20 hectare property has glorious views to Phillip Island and French Island in Westernport Bay. The estate is located at latitude 38 degrees South at an altitude of 160m above sea level. The maritime influences together with the natural amphitheatre formed by the the north and north-east facing blocks provide an ideal environment for cool climate viticulture. The maritime influence at the vineyard is symbolised by the Blue Peter logo, a blue flag pierced with white, the international maritime code for the letter P.
 Paringa Estate
Lindsay and Margaret McCall began their incredible journey in 1984 with the purchase of a derelict orchard on Paringa Road at Red Hill Mornington
In the search for a new vineyard property, their requirements included a north facing slope, a permanent running creek and adequate wind protection. The shade thrown by the enormous 60 year old pine trees that surrounded the property proved to be a negative, but when the trees were removed it revealed the stunning views that are now such a recognisable feature of Paringa Estate. The first vines were planted in 1985 and by 1990 the 10 acres (4.2 hectares) were fully planted.

Mornington Peninsula Wines by Paringa Estate

Paringa Estate Chardonnay»
Paringa Estate Pinot Noir»
Paringa Estate Pinot Noir 375ml»
Paringa Estate Shiraz»
Paringa Estate Shiraz 375ml»
Paringa Peninsula Chardonnay»
Paringa Peninsula Pinot Noir»
Established 1982 by Richard and Jill McIntyre, Moorooduc Estate is a small, family run wine business which has developed an enviable reputation for complex, food friendly wines
All the wines are made on site at the estate's rammed earth winery. From a very modest 20 tonne winery set up in 1987, Moorooduc now have a more sophisticated facility with a small but high quality Bucher press and Vaslin – Bucher destemmer. The philosophy of everything that's done at Moorooduc is to make the most of top quality ingredients. Intensive, hands n care in the vineyard, with minimal use of chemicals, produces the best possible fruit for wine. Wild yeast ferments and minimal intervention winemaking, with a nod to traditional Burgundian techniques, allow the wines to express their specificity of site and terroir. Similarly, Moorooduc aim to source ingredients for accompanying foods that are seasonal, local and organic. The emphasis is on gentle winemaking methods with important quality control.
 Merricks Estate
One of Mornington Peninsula's founding estates, Merrcks Estate endure as a custodian of some wonderful old vines and the traditions of a great winemaking region
Merricks Estate label is an 1821 lithograph by Louis de Sainson entitled Habitation de Pecheurs de Phoques au Port Western. The earliest printed image of Victoria, dated two years before the founding of Melbourne. It depicts a sealers camp between Merricks and Point Leo beach. The vineyard covers more than 3 ha and production varies between 1500 and 3000 cases, according to the season. Seasons can vary dramatically. While the location is magnificent, it comes with often difficult weather, especially in late spring and early summer when the vines are flowering and the new leaves offer little protection from gale-force winds and blinding rain. In such conditions, viticulture is crucial.

Mornington Peninsula Wines by Merricks Estate

Merricks Estate Cabernet Sauvignon»
Merricks Estate Chardonnay»
Merricks Estate Pinot Noir»
Merricks Estate Shiraz»
Massoni Wines of Mornington was established by legendary Melbourne restaurateur Leon Massoni in 1984
Massoni's passion for fine wine was influenced by his family’s involvement in establishing such culinary icons as Melbourne’s Florentino Restaurant in 1928 and through his relationship with his uncle, master winemaker Jimmy Watson. Over the years, Massoni have focused on making wines that enthusiasts would choose to enjoy with their family and friends. In 1990, Ian Home, founder of Yellowglen, became a partner in the business and introduced Pinot Noir and Lectus sparkling wine to the product range. In 1996 Ian visualised the need to expand the company’s source of ultra premium grapes beyond the Mornington Peninsula, whose erratic meso climate and limitation in supplying quality chardonnay and pinot noir restricted the product range Massoni was able to offer.

Mornington Peninsula Wines by Massoni

Massoni Chardonnay»
 Kooyong Estate
The Kooyong Vineyard and winery are located at Tuerong on the northern end of the Mornington Peninsula
Kooyong Estate was established on a gently undulating 93 hectare property neighbouring Devilbend Reserve, home to many native water birds. The Kooyong name means where the wild fowl gather. The vineyard and winery are part of the Gjergja family domain which also includes Port Phillip Estate. Compared with more southerly vineyards on the Mornington Peninsula, Kooyong experiences a warmer, drier climate, and the light, sandy clay soil is also less vigorous than the more typical rich loam of the region. The winemaker is Sandro Mosele.
Karina is a small family owned vineyard and winery established in 1984
Owners Gerard and Joy take pride in the fact that all wines bearing the Karina label are 100% Estate grown and made.

Mornington Peninsula Wines by Karina

Karina Vineyard Chardonnay»
 Jones Road
The Frewer family established Jones Road vineyard in 1997 at Somerville on the Mornington Peninsula overlooking Westernport Bay
The dream turned to anguish and the worry turned to joy. The journey of establishing Jones Road has been a trauma and a delight. Always with the same goal and focus on producing something fantastic. The rewards for many years in the business has brought knowledge, friendships, excitement and eternal optimism of one day producing wines with world wide recognition but more importantly self satisfaction that the wines are appreciated by many people. With every vintage the wines are improving and every vintage the knowledge and understanding of vineyards, terroir, winemaking techniques and requirement best suited to the grapes is increasing. The team are very happy with the way Jones Road wines are progressively attaining recognition and look forward to the next vintage. The future is looking very exciting at Jones Road.

Mornington Peninsula Wines by Jones Road

Jones Road Chardonnay»
Jones Road Nepean Chardonnay»
Jones Road Nepean Pinot Noir»
Jones Road Pinot Gris»
Jones Road Pinot Noir»
Jones Road Sauvignon Blanc»
Jones Road Syrah»
 Foxeys Hangout
Foxeys Hangout grows and makes premium sparkling and still varietal wines in the cool climate maritime region of Victoria's Mornington Peninsula
Brothers Michael and Tony Lee personally make a select range of sophisticated sparkling wines using the exacting bottle fermented process pioneered in France's Champagne region. Their highly rated still wines showcase the Peninsula's flagship varieties of pinot noir, pinot gris and chardonnay. On a beautiful and historic property at the gateway to the Peninsula's vine draped hills, the Lee brothers offer visitors wine, food and the rare and exciting opportunity to create and bottle a unique sparkling wine blend of their own. After two decades of owning and running popular and award-winning Melbourne hospitality businesses, brothers Michael and Tony Lee turned their years of love and knowledge of fine wines into a livelihood on Victoria's beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

Mornington Peninsula Wines by Foxeys Hangout

Foxeys Hangout Red Fox Pinot Noir 2015»
 Elgee Park
Established by Baillieu Myer in 1972, Elgee Park is the oldest vineyard on the Mornington Peninsula
Baillieu (Bails) Myer A.C. became interested in winemaking after a visit by David Wyn in 1970. The picturesque property is situated at the end of Wallaces Road, Merricks North, approximately 80 km by road from Melbourne and 30 km from Sorrento. The cellar door is now situated at the Merricks General Wine Store. Baillieu (Bails) and Sarah Myer have seen the fulfillment of a vision which began many years ago. With careful nurturing, they have created a unique place from where many award winning wines originate. Today the 5 hectares under vine comprise riesling, chardonnay, viognier, cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, merlot and small plantings of pinot gris and shiraz.

Mornington Peninsula Wines by Elgee Park

Elgee Park Family Reserve Riesling»
The Mornington Peninsula was scarcely associated with wine when Garry planted his first vines at Dromana in 1982.
As a key figure in the region's pioneering wave of vignerons, Garry was instrumental in forging for the Peninsula a reputation as a distinguished producer of cool climate wine.

Mornington Peninsula Wines by Crittenden

Crittenden Estate Pinot Noir»
Geppetto Pinot Noir»
Pinocchio Arneis 2013»
King Yarra Mornington

Other Wines by Crittenden

Crittenden Geppetto Pinot Gris 2013»
Pinnocchio Sangiovese»
Circe is a partnership inspired by growing up on the Mornington Peninsula and a love of Pinot Noir
Dan Buckle and Aaron Drummond met at Mount Langi Ghiran in 2007. After a vintage of Shiraz it was inevitable that the conversation would turn to any other varietal except Shiraz. With both of them growing up on the Mornington Peninsula, they were keen and curious as to what they could do with Pinot Noir from such great soil. Drummond & Buckle acquired a vineyard along Hillcrest Road, Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula, three acres undervine being roughly half I-clone Chardonnay and half MV6 Pinot Noir, with north facing rows, moderate spacing and deep red volcanic basalt soils.
Bellingham Estate is located at Arthur's Seat adjacent to Main Ridge on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula
Established by Moorooduc Estate's chief winemaker, Bellingham Estate vineyard is one of the highest sites on Mornington Peninsula, a location that's ideal for the production of cool climate wines. Bellingham remains a small, family run operation which has earned an enviable reputation for some of the region's finest wines. After many vintages of making Mornington's most successful brands, including Main Ridge and Ten Minutes by Tractor, Bellingham can focus on treating the pick of Mornington's harvest with the most atisanal standards of winemaking.

Mornington Peninsula Wines by Bellingham

Bellingham Chardonnay»
Bellingham Main Ridge Pinot Noir»
Bellingham Pinot Gris»
Bellingham Reserve Pinot Noir»