Cumulus Climbing Merlot
Fruit Merlot
Regions Orange
  New South Wales
Each $18.99
Available by the dozen
Defined by altitude, Orange is one of Australia's highest and coolest regions. A capricious grape to grow, Merlot demands a regime of perfect conditions to achieve an even berry set. The growers of Orange have dutifully obliged over many years, painstakingly developing this new but salubrious winegrowing precinct for the realization of world class Merlot. Fruit sets very well and bunch thinning is undertaken to limit the yields. Cumulus will handsomely accompany roasted Mediterranean vegetables with lamb and wild mushroom medley.
Climbing Merlot is an active reference to the high altitude vineyards whence fruit is sourced. It also defines the Cumulus team's ongoing quest for higher achievement. Parcels of Merlot are harvested and crushed, destemmed and cold soaked for a fortnight. Ferments begin at cooler temperatures and are treated to gentle pumpovers as they peak at 28C. Time spent on skins is managed for optimal tannin extraction, pumpovers are gradually decreased to wetting the cap once daily. Upon completion, batches are treated to an extended soak, pressed off skins into a selection of French oak barriques for a year's maturation, before assembling, fining and filtration into the finished wine.
Medium red colour. Lifted and bright, fragrant with sweet plums, leafiness, hints of dark chocolate and subtle oak tones. A mouthful of ripe dark plums, black cherry and a hint of herbs layer beautifully in a medium bodied, elegantly structured wine. The smooth as silk palate finishes with spiced, earthy notes and dark chocolate.
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More About Cumulus Winery
Cumulus is the largest grape grower and winemaker in the Orange region, the premium high altitude wine growing area of New South Wales
Cumulus Wines was established in 2004 when Sydney based Assetinsure acquired the extensive vineyards and state-of-the-art winery from Reynolds Wines. World renowned winemaker Philip Shaw was appointed by Assetinsure to develop the new wine company focusing on cool climate, high-altitude varieties of exceptional quality. Since then, Philip has created exciting wines with innovative packaging, including extremely distinctive label designs. Cumulus»