Terra Felix
Terra Felix was originally launched as the second label to the highly respected Tallarook Wines and grew to become a premium winemaking estate
Using excess grapes from Tallarook and surrounding vineyards, Terra Felix immediately caught the attention of wine reviewers. The initial vintages concentrated on commercial varieties such as Shiraz, Merlot Cabernet and Chardonnay. The problem facing the fledging brand was that there were plenty of these wines available on the market and distribution was a challenge. It was decided that Terra Felix should reposition its offering and concentrate largely on using Northern Rhone grape varieties. And why not? The growing conditions, soil and climate around Tallarook bear an uncanny resemblance to Northern Rhone.

Goulburn Wines by Terra Felix

Terra Felix Chardonnay»
Terra Felix Marsanne Roussanne 2005»

Other Wines by Terra Felix

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Tallarook is situated on an elevated yet protected site, among rugged hills on the northern slopes of Central Victoria's Great Dividing Range
The original Tallarook Vineyards form part of a property named Dabyminga. Established first in the 1980s and purchased in 1992 by the Riebl family, these vineyards and the wines produced under the Tallarook label represent a pioneering effort for the Tallarook district. The land was once part of the territories of the Goulburn Aboriginal tribes. Before white settlement, it was one of the most densely populated areas in Australia. Dabyminga derives from "Ab'minga" (snaketracks) in the language of the Natramboolok tribe. In the same language, Tallarook means "call of the wattlebird".

Goulburn Wines by Tallarook

Tallarook Chardonnay 2007»
Tallarook Roussanne»
 Sugarloaf Creek
Sugarloaf Creek is a family owned, cool climate vineyard situated in Victoria's Great Divide, planted entirely to Shiraz
Located in Central Victoria, Sugarloaf Creek Vineyard is situated on the boundary of the three geographical regions of the Upper Goulburn, Goulburn Valley and Macedon Ranges wine regions. The vines are non-irrigated and produce low yields of premium quality fruit. The location of the property ideally provides for cool climate viticulture leading to a long and slow ripening period for the fruit. The aim is to combine best practise viticulture with best practise wine making to consistently produce a Shiraz of outstanding quality that can sit comfortably on the international stage.

Goulburn Wines by Sugarloaf Creek

Sugarloaf Creek Estate Shiraz 2005»
From its humble beginnings, Sedona Estate’s vision has been to produce fine cool climate wines that are regionally distinctive and unique in style
This began in 1997 when Sonja and Paul Evans saw their land for the first time. Armed with a shovel, sheer dedication and limited resources, Sonja and Paul embarked on an ambitious plan to transform a 50 year old cattle property into a fully operational viticultural enterprise, which now encompasses a 2000 case annual wine production and listings in some of the most exclusive restaurants and wine stores Australia wide. With each new vintage Sedona Estate faces nature’s unpredictable challenges, requiring skills, flexibility and continuous improvement to create the best wine from each variety.

Goulburn Wines by Sedona

Sedona Cabernet Sauvignon 2006»
For almost two decades the renowned Mitchelton winery has been producing the immensely popular Preece range of wines
In 1967 Melbourne entrepreneur Ross Shelmerdine commisioned wine industry stalwart Colin Pearce to find the best site for premium grape growing anywhere in south eastern Australia. Preece chose an old grazing estate, prized for it's climate, soil and proximity to the waterways. Colin Preece, one of the great winemakers of the 20th century, and for decades chief winemaker at Seppelt Great Western, came out of a ten-year retirement to help found Mitchelton in 1973.
 Passing Clouds
Passing Clouds is a small hands on operation using traditional winemaking techniques, sheltered by hills of ironbark forest, an ideal growing climate for premium red wine
The story begins in 1973 when Graeme Leith and Sue Mackinnon great friends and partners decided that they wanted even more challenges in life than were possible for them in their careers as electrical contractor and journalist; Graeme was the electrical contractor. They wanted to brave the elements, face the challenges of the land, and like so many before them pursue the holy grail of the best wine in the world.

Goulburn Wines by Passing Clouds

Passing Clouds Sauvignon Blanc 2006»
Bendigo Goulburn

Other Wines by Passing Clouds

Passing Clouds Graemes Blend»
Monichino are all about honest wines made from good fruit, grown to a greatly loved vineyard, by fair dinkum people with endless passion
The rolling hills of Italy's Piemonte and the flat plains of Victoria's Goulburn Valley are worlds apart. The classic tradition of wine making however, has transferred flawlessly from one hemisphere to the other. When Carlo Monichino migrated from the Asti region of northern Italy, he brought his winemaking skills with him. Carlo and Margaret Monichino established their first vineyard on the Australian continent at Katunga in central Victoia's Goulburn Valley in 1962. The Monichinon family recognized that the rich soil and excellent climatic conditions make this region ideal for grape growing. Vines were first planted here during the 1880s, one of the oldest and most enduring grape growing regions in Australia.
In 1967 Melbourne entrepreneur Ross Shelmerdine commissioned wine industry stalwart Colin Preece to find the best site for premium wine grape growing anywhere in south eastern Australia
Preece chose an old grazing estate, then known as Blackwood Park, in the Nagambie district in central Victoria for its climate, soil and proximity to the waterways. The site's history stretches back to 1836, when the explorer Major Thomas Mitchell crossed the river on his 900 kilometre journey from Sydney to Melbourne, at a place called Mitchellstown. Ross Shelmerdine called his fledgling winery Mitchelton, a derivation of Mitchellstown and the vineyard's first sod was turned in 1969. Don Lewis joined Preece for the fledgling winery's first vintage in 1973, and assumed the winemaker's mantle when Preece retired in 1974. That same year, Mitchelton's winery and spectacular cellar door complex, designed by renowned Australian architect Ted Ashton and complete with 55 metre tower, was officially opened.
 Keith Brien
A former commercial pilot, Keith Brien gave up his career in the clouds to start a new life from the ground up
Keith trained with prestigious winemakers in the Burgundy commune of Pommard, founding the Cleveland wineworks on the Macedon Ranges in 1989. He continues to observe, teach and participate in viticultural and winemaking experiences throughout the world. Brien quickly learned that a combination of the most up to date technology and traditional practices produce the finest wines. He also learned that as vines grow older, they begin to struggle and produce lesser yields of more expressive grapes. The fruit of Old Vines is highly prized because of its intensity and depth of character, a quality for which there is no substitute in the art of winemaking. The fruit for the Old Vines Vincenzo range comes from plantings established in the early 1960s. The gnarled, fully mature vines show a natural suitability to the rugged soils and warm climate.
 Euroa Creeks
Euroa Creeks is a single vineyard winemaking operation in the warmer Goulburn Valley region of Victoria
Winemaker David Lloyd of Mornington's Eldridge Estate is well known for his obsession with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, but few knew of his passion for rich, ripe shiraz. In 2002 Lloyd found a vineyard in Victoria's Goulburn Valley that was small, and hand tended, producing nothing but sensational Shiraz fruit. Lloyd selected the Euroa Creeks purely on the basis of quality of the vineyard's fruit. The site is owner operated by Jo and Andrew Gall and is located a little east of the township of Euroa about 5km north of the Hume Highway. Tasting the grower's own Lilys Garden Shiraz, Lloyd knew there was a sensational wine waiting to be made. The result was 300 cases of Euroa Creeks 2002 Shiraz, bottled on 6 December 2003.

Goulburn Wines by Euroa Creeks

Euroa Creeks Reserve Shiraz»