Poliziano Chianti
Fruit Sangiovese Canaiolo Malvasia Trebbiano
Regions Chianti
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The Chianti of Poliziano have evolved over the course of generations to represent a salient and essential enlightenment into the wines of Montepulciano. A medium bodied Chianti which expresses the splendour of Sangiovese grown to good vineyards in the Montepulciano Denominazione di Origine Controllata. A wine with excellent balance between bright cherry fruit flavours and refreshing, savoury tannins. Match Poliziano with pepperonata and melanzane, fried sardines or fresh Tuscan Scarmorza cheese, grilled over an open fire.
Poliziano are fully focused on improving the health of fruit and quality of wine every year. Poorly performing vineyards are routinely eliminated. Significant replanting of select clones and rootstocks, is a major part of the viticulture. Poliziano train their vines, planted in sandy clay soils rich in marine deposits, to take full advantage of an idyllic microclime. At harvest, the grapes are ripe and offer intense flavours, translating into wines with lovely aromatics and elegant structure. Parcels of Sangiovese Prunolo Gentile, Canaiolo Nero, Malvasia and Trebbiano are all separately vinified in fermentation vats over the course of seven to ten days. The finished wine matures unoaked until bottling in March the following year.
Bright plum red in colour. Wonderful fresh nose of raspberry, cherries and violet. A fruity wine with a palate of red and black berries with sufficient dryness to make it an excellent match with food. Ample textures of vinosity, suppleness and stalk, making it ideal for early drinking. A versatile Chianti, ideal to accompany risotto and pasta, or more ambitious old world faire like coniglio and capretto.
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