Tio Pepe Fino
WineryTio Pepe
Fruit Palamino
Regions Jerez
Each $30.99
Available by the dozen
Tio Pepe is the world's leading Fino, a very pale and dry style of wine made in the southwest of Spain. Produced since 1844 by the Gonzalez family of Jerez, Tio Pepe has a distinctive aroma and a unique taste. Made from the Palomino grape it is aged five years under a covering of fresh, naturally occurring yeast, giving Tío Pepe its distinctive, bready, lightly nutty dry palate. Its outstanding quality has claimed multiple Gold Medals at conspicuous competitions, the first Fino ever to twice claim Gold Medal at the prestigious International Wine Challenge.
Manuel María González established the González Byass Bodegas in Jerez, circa 1835. Ambitious Manuel was helped by his uncle Jose Angel de la Peña, known to friends and family as Tío Pepe. Together they created a wonderful, unique and delicate style of fortified wine which endures to this day under the moniker Fino. As a tribute to his uncle, Manuel named it Tío Pepe, or Uncle Joe. Situated just an hour or so south of Seville, Jerez is the traditional home of Sherry wine, its main street is named in honour of the founder, the Tio Pepe Bodegas are entwined with the history and culture of Jerez, a highly popular international tourist attraction in their own right. Alcohol 15.0%
Creamy citrus hues. Drying bready nose, fruity complexity, a pouch of hazelnut, tradespice, cypress and background oak. A palate that's masterfully balanced between ripe, complex fruit and mouthfilling dryness, yeastyness and grilled nut characters, barley, cheesyness and meal, perfect alongside rich foods, the ideal choice to accompany several courses of a stately banquet. Drink it just as you would a fine dry white wine, as aperitif with charming company.
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