Wines by Glen Eldon
More About Glen Eldon Wines
Glen Eldon Wines is a family owned and operated winery established by Mary and Richard Sheedy in 1997
Glen Eldon Wines has vineyards located throughout the Barossa Floor and Eden Valley, each one selected for it’s micro-climate and distinctive flavour attributes for the final wine in mind. The main vineyard and cellar is located at the Glen Eldon property in Eden Valley, it was only fitting to honour this brand with the Glen Eldon name. The property was first settled in the 1880s by the Herbig family, who planted vines, fruit trees and ran cattle and sheep. In 1890 the homestead, stables and cellar were built and the Herbig Family began to make the property prosper. Today Richard and Mary call Glen Eldon home. All the vineyard and winery operations are centralised from their headquarters at Glen Eldon. Glen Eldon»