Dal Zotto Pucino Prosecco
WineryDal Zotto Estate
Fruit Prosecco
Regions King Valley
Each $19.99
Available by the dozen
If ever there was a wine to counter the conventional wisdom, it must be Dal Zotto Estate Prosecco, the fun and fizzy Italian sparkling wine from the King Valley. Throw out those notions that proper bubbly must be hand made stuff, made from only the noblest of grapes. This is a classic Prosecco styling, the version which combines the varietal's aromatic quality with the exalted sapidity of its fine bubbles. To be opened for a dolce vita, anywhere and at anytime.
Australia has borrowed Prosecco from the Italians. Prosecco comes from grapes you probably never heard of (Prosecco mostly, but can also contain Verdiso and splashes of Pinot Bianco or Pinot Grigio). Cuttings have been planted in the King Valley in Victoria, where the Dal Zotto family have produced Australia's first sparkling Prosecco.
Brilliant straw yellow, enlivened by its perlage, strands of tiny bubbles. It's aromatic quality is fresh and rich, fruity aromas of apple and pear with a hint of citrus fruit which fades into the floral bouquet. In the mouth it is soft, yet at the same time dry thanks to its good acidity. This wine from the Dal Zotto family is austere, subtly flavoured and has a finish as dry as a wind-blown leaf.
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About the Dal Zotto Estate Winery
The story of Dal Zotto wine begins on the other side of the world in the town of Valdobbiadene in north eastern Italy
A traditional high-walled Italian town of stone houses and citadels surrounded by mountains, Valdobbiadene is a region renowned for wine-making. Owing to its generous soil and mild climate, vines hundreds of years old blanket the landscape. It is here that Ottorino Dal Zotto was born and raised on his family’s vineyard. The love of viticulture, appreciation of fine wine and dedication to the highest standards was instilled from an early age, his education steeped in the practices of traditional Italian winemaking. And so began Otto’s lifetime passion. Dal Zotto Estate»