Rosemount Blends Chardonnay Semillon 2014
Fruit Semillon Chardonnay
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Since the 1970s Rosemount has been one of Australia's leading labels, producing wines that reflect a dedication to quality, innovation and style. A new chapter has now opened on the Rosemount story, with the release of Bright & Aromatic. A fashionable and exciting blend of amicable white varietals, expressing the minerality of Semillon as it harmonizes beautifully with the riper orchard fruit flavours of Chardonnay, assembled into a refreshing wine with enough appeal to sip as an aperitif or pair off with your favourite faire.
Rosemount Estate works to the philosophy that a quality wine will always be appreciated. Bright & Aromatic is sourced from premium vineyards, planted to some of the most favourable soils and hospitable climes. State of the art plant and equipment are essential, but a traditionalist approach is at the heart of Diamond Label. Harvests of Semillon and Chardonnay are selected on the basis of heightened flavour profiles and good varietal fruit characters. After crushing and inoculation with choice strains of yeast, the juices are treated to a controlled tank fermentation followed by a period of rest and recouperation. Following assessment, the finest parcels are assembled into the finished wine.
Pale straw green tinges. An appealing nose with light, lifted and bright citrus aromas combining with freshly cut hay characters from the Semillon. A lively, soft palate with great texture. Mouthfilling flavours of rich peach and citrus lift out of the glass, balanced by a bright, lemon sherbet acidity. A clean rejuvenatingly fresh finish invites you back for another glass, preferably alongside prawns, steamed mussels or chicken dumplings.
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In a little over 30 years, Rosemount Estate has established itself as one of Australia's most dedicated, innovative and leading wineries
Much has changed over the years at Rosemount Estate however, the commitment to quality that defined the original vision for Rosemount Estate's humble beginnings in the Hunter Valley has remained intact. This vision has remained pivotal to the progress and success of the now world famous winery that is Rosemount Estate. Rosemount»