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The irrepressible Warburn Estate has been at it again, crafting a divinely light-on the alcohol, yet immensely flavourful, slightly spritzy and teasingly fruity wine from Muscat Gordo Blanco grapes. Warburn Estate's outstanding success has been achieved through it's expertise in blending traditional winemaking skills, innovative techniques and plain, simple knowledge of what tastes good. Crunchy flavours and an spritzy zing around the palate, so easy to enjoy, it just goes down a treat with pear n rocquet salads or cheesey nibbles. Yum.
Warburn Estate is one of the more significant wine producers with over a thousand hectares under vine and a crush capacity of 40,000 tonnes. Proudly maintaining its independence, Warburn Estate is owned by the Sergi family, whose winemaking traditions began many years ago in Italy. These traditions were brought to Australia when Giuseppe and Maria Sergi migrated with their young family in 1952. The Moscato style of wine requires special handling. After harvesting the Muscat Gordo Blanco grapes, the batches were treated to a fermentation process which was stopped at a critical stage to retain natural grape sugars, and retain the vibrant fruit flavours. Approx 5%0%
Light straw in colour with some youthful golden tinges. Lifted aromas of freshly crushed grapes, dashes of honey dew melon. and a hint of musk. Muscat Gordo Blanco carries the inimitable quality amongst all varietals to smell and taste like a grape when made into a wine. The Stephendale is decidedly vibrant and crunchy, a refreshing wine with mouth filling grapeynesss, it smacks of sorbetto and exhibits hints of limoncello -like confection. The reduced level of alcohol tends to magnify the titillatingly flavoursome nature of this coziest of grapes. A natural effect of retained carbonation adds a slight frizzante effect to the wine, delivering another dimension of enjoyment, as the wine moves towards it's pleasantly clean finish.
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Warburn Estate's outstanding success has been achieved through it's expertise in traditional winemaking and innovative techniques
Warburn Estate is located near Griffith in New South Wales, in the centre of the large Riverina grape-growing and agricultural region. Warburn Estate is one of New South Wales most significant wine producers with more than 1000 hectares under vine, a crush capacity of 40,000 tonnes, tank storage for 35 million litres of wine and an annual turnover of $40 million. Warburn Estate proudly remains a private company, maintaining its winemaking independence with the ability to quickly respond to market demands and client needs. The company (formerly Riverina Wines Pty Ltd), is owned by the Sergi family, whose winemaking traditions began in Italy many years ago. Migrants Giuseppe and his son Antonio began to grow grapes on their farm and making wines for his family and friends using old barrels and hand made machinery. He would often sell bulk wine in 200 litre drums, a practice common in Italian cantinas, and would travel extensively throughout Australia to supply his customers. Warburn Estate»