Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth 750ml
WineryNoilly Prat
Fruit Picpoul Clairette
Regions Languedoc
Each $35.99
Available by the dozen
Noilly Prat is the classic French aperitif, an essential for every cocktail enthusiast, and a natural work of art. The marque was born when Louis Noilly joined forces with Claudius Prat to establish Noilly Prat & Cie in 1855. Masterfully handcrafted at Marseillan for over two centuries to a unique, natural process. The technique replicates the production of the rich, fuller flavoured wines created centuries ago, when stocks were transported in barrel on the decks of ships, exposed to the natural elements for many months at a time.
The historic cellars used for ageing Noilly Prat Vermouth are adorned by a graceful spiral metal staircase built by Gustave Eiffel. Gustave went on to architect and construct Paris's Eiffel Tower. In the small village of Marseillan on the Mediterranean coast, the base wines are contained separately in some impressive century old Canadian oak vats were they are aged for eight months to develop a fully rounded palate and to achieve clarity. The wines are then racked and aged for a further six months before assemblage. Herbs and spices are then added and treated to a process called dodinage, stirred by hand every day for three weeks, gently infusing Noilly Prat with its unique characters.
A cool, crisp shade of pale straw. Expressions of sweet and bitter herbs, citrus, vanilla bean and juniper. The perfect drying palate to enjoy on it's own or to include in the finest cocktails. Noilly Prat is created exclusively from blancs de blancs wines, made with the Languedoc varietals of Picpoul and Clairette, enhanced by the addition of Mistelles, a natural grape juice fortified with alcohol, and a mix of fruit liqueurs. A blend of twenty herbs and spices gives Noilly Prat its distinctive aromatic quality. The list includes camomile from Italy, orange peel from Spain, coriander from Bulgaria and nutmeg from Indonesia. The complete recipe and precise quantities however are a closely guarded secret.
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