Lakes Folly Cabernets 2010
WineryLakes Folly
Fruit CabernetSauv PetitVerdot Shiraz Merlot
Regions Hunter Valley
  New South Wales
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Excellent Langtons Classification. How good are these guys? Only two wines are made, one white and one red, found on the world's most discerning winelists, including France's prestigious Freres Troisgros. The first and one of the most famous of Australia's small batch boutique wineries, with an enviable reputation for exceptional quality and remarkable style. Old vines, low yields and impeccable quality of fruit. A distinguished Hunter Valley site, traditional vinification and French oak, in Lakes Folly you have a pure and exclusive single vineyard wine.
Lakes Folly have trained their vineyard to make profound Cabernet. The old vines, now well and truly self regulated to produce low crops of high quality fruit, are well established and deliver consistency even in difficult years. Under the warmer Hunter Valley climes, mature tannins are readily achieved. The riper the fruit the bigger the wine but there is a price to pay in terms of elegance and finesse. Crop levels are critical in building complexity and the weather has a final say. The aim is to grow great fruit and give maximum attention to detail from vineyard to bottle. Hand picking, gentle crushing and traditional open fermentations in French oak, small barrel maturation and hand bottling, are all essential to the Lakes Folly style.
Vibrant brick red. Aromas of dark fruits, black cherries and blackberry with hints of charred oak and coffee. The palate is deceptive, elegant and soft, exhibiting perfect balance and offering great sweetness of fruit, yet appointed with underlying power. Lakes Folly improves greatly after breathing for a day or longer, the style exhibits clarity of structure and great length of flavour, intentionally kept restrained and refined, a wine of class, complexity and grace.
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More About Lakes Folly Winery
Lake's Folly was the first new vineyard in the Hunter Valley last century, established by Max Lake and his family in 1963 and the first boutique winery in Australia
At the time of its establishment very little premium wine was drunk, there was no capital to invest, and Cabernet was an unproven grape for the area. Its name was almost a foregone conclusion and Lakes Folly was born! Lakes Folly»