Wines by Braydun Hill
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Carol and Tony Bradley Dunn work on their own small acre vineyard and are devoted to exclusively producing the finest quality Shiraz
The philosophy at Braydun Hill is to do one thing well, and to excel at it. Experience gained at making hand made wines from fruit picked off hedgerows on the English countryside told Bradley-Dunn that Braydun Hill was the ideal grape growing site and lead to vines being planted in 1998. The vineyard is 10 beautiful acres of gentle north facing slopes on a rare patch of Paringa sandy loam over clay in the McLaren Vale, perfect for quality grape vines. The natural sloping of the Braydun Hill's terrain provides for quality ripening. The ocean breezes and maritime climate cool the summer sun and help keep the vines from the mildew and other diseases that more protected vineyards often suffer. This means that Braydun Hill's winemakers have never used any pesticides in the vineyard and have no need for artificial chemicals. Braydun Hill»