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Fruit Chardonnay PinotNoir PinotMeunier
Regions Epernay Champagne
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The finest Champagne cannot be manufactured, it is created. For Alfred Gratien, the creative process begins right in the vineyard. Alfred Gratien boasts a proud tradition, disregarding the mass produced ethos and fashions of modern times. What you get is a hand crafted Champagne of great quality and uniqueness. Cuvee Brut Classique clearly displays the style of Alfred Gratien. One of very few Champagnes to be dominated by the fruity Pinot Meunier, combined with the masculinity of Pinot Noir and the elegance of Chardonnay.
Equal parts Chardonnay and Pinot Noir with a tenth of Pinot Meuniere. Cuvee Brut Classique is an achievement of the highest quality standards in the selection of grapes, traditional vinification techniques, maturation in small 228 litre oak casks and self imposed limits on production levels. Alfred Gratien s never treated to malolactic fermentation, thereby ensuring the finished wine retains its original character. The aroma of the grapes and the land from whence they come are thus preserved. Cuvee Brut Classique retains its freshness, even as it ages. This special care guarantees the unique quality which makes Alfred Gratien truly exceptional. That is the true art of Champagne. Alcohol 12.5%
Light gold colour, beautiful to behold with a very fine, extremely long lasting mousse. A bouquet of citrus fruits, mangos, peaches and apricot. A wonderful balance of aromatic strength with the freshness of exotic fruits. A wine of great refinement as the elegance of Chardonnay melds with the red fruit of Pinot Meunier and the enduring character of Pinot Noir.
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